Smith's Hidden Gem at Shady Grove

The undergraduate transfer program at the Universities at Shady Grove (USG) in Rockville expands the reach and access of our top-ranked business school. Currently, Smith offers three high-demand majors at the Shady Grove campus: accounting, marketing and management. 

Summer Reading List 2024

The 21st Annual Summer Reading List for Business Leaders from the University of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business offers diverse recommendations. Highlights include a memoir on AI advances, a book disputing free will, a Grover Cleveland biography, and a novel by Nobel Prize-winning Kazuo Ishiguro.

New Year, New Goals

A new year brings a fresh start, a full slate of 365 days to work on improving oneself in one way or another. Ten Smith professors are sharing their New Year’s resolutions: Tejwansh (Tej) Singh Anand, Clinical Professor of Practice and the Academic Director for the MS in Information Systems Programs “Find innovative ways to propel myself and my students Fearlessly Forward.”

Keep Your Cash: Your Kids Prefer Virtual Money

The term “cash is king” refers to the belief that cash is more important than any other form of currency. Motley Fool says cash is invaluable because it gives individuals, businesses and investors the flexibility to get through tough times and to potentially take advantage of opportunities. But does cash matter to your kids?

Why Companies Can’t Treat Every Holiday as a ‘Holiday’

Juneteenth may be the newest federal holiday, but that doesn’t mean consumers—especially African Americans—want to see themed streamers and beverage koozies at their local supermarket and party store.

Super Bowl Ads: Celebrities, Cars and Crypto

If a single theme emerged from the deluge of Super Bowl commercials for cryptocurrency, electric vehicles and online booking agencies, it was one that steered viewers away from the worries of the last two years.

Pandemic Protocols and Diplomatic Boycotts: Can the Olympics Survive?

On-site spectators will be missing Friday as athletes parade in Beijing for the XXIV Olympic Winter Games opening ceremonies. There will be pandemic-inspired protocols in place, extending through the competitions – similar to the ones adopted at the most recent Summer Games in Tokyo. And there's a diplomatic boycott in place as well, with the United States, Britain, Canada and Australia opting not to send government officials to the Games, in a show of protest against human rights violations in China. (Athletes from those countries will still compete.)

Pressing Play: How UMD Is Powering Up Support for Esport Gamers

BRENDAN HEGARTY GRASPED EARLY in his first semester at the University of Maryland that the lectures, papers and tests of college life weren’t squaring with his constant urge to slip away to an exotic island where he could practice skydiving, bunker construction and cold-blooded sniping of his enemies. A $30 million prize pool up for grabs didn’t hurt, either.

Marketing Lessons Learned from the Tokyo Olympics

Watching a gathering of world-class athletes compete at the highest level has always been the main draw at the Olympic Games. But the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games are vastly different from the Olympic Games of the past due to the everpresent gremlin of pressure. It has certainly reared its ugly head at these games and has forced marketers to be nimble and adjust their promotional campaigns accordingly, says Maryland Smith’s Henry C. Boyd III.

Nothing But Net Gains for NBA Playoff Viewership Share

After a pandemic season that saw ratings take a hit, skeptics wondered whether the 2021 season would yield similar numbers. But the return of fans and excitement in the playoffs has proved that the NBA isn’t just bouncing back, it’s booming, says Maryland Smith’s Henry C. Boyd III.

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