Utilizing Data Analytics to Build A Winning Retail Business

This session will cover retail performance metrics and how to utilize them to diagnose problems and improve retail decisions. It will focus on those performance metrics that can be implemented using a retailer's existing inventory management and bookkeeping infrastructure (so that they can be easily adopted by SMR's).  We will also discuss more advanced metrics and frameworks that have been utilized by sophisticated retail operations and the additional data/resources required.




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Retail industry trends and implications for small and Mid-sized Retailers (SMR)

This session will focus on 1) the "big picture" and major trends of the industry, more or less organized by different retail sectors; 2) the implications for SMR's; 3) discuss strategies to address these challenges from the perspective of SMR's.

Facilitated by: Jie Zhang




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Are Paid Mobile Apps Still A Thing … And Should They Be?

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Deloitte Welcomes Smith Analytics Faculty to Greenhouse

Deloitte hosted seven faculty affiliates of the Smith Analytics Consortium for a meeting of the minds on Jan. 31, 2019, at the company’s Greenhouse in Washington, D.C.

Game On: How Toys 'R' Us Can Make a Comeback

SMITH BRAIN TRUST – It's not "game over" for Toys 'R' Us. Its filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection this week is more of a "timeout." And Jie Zhang, professor of marketing at the University of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business, says that if the iconic toy retailer plays its cards right, it could end up a winner. Of course, none of that will be easy, says Zhang, the Harvey Sanders Fellow of Retail Management.

Will Subscription Services Transform the Way We Shop?

SMITH BRAIN TRUST – Soon, it might be that your favorite place to shop is in your mailbox.

How J.Crew Can Weather the Rough Seas

SMITH BRAIN TRUST – J.Crew is battling some choppy seas. It's had 10 consecutive quarterly sales declines, two straight years of losses, and now the iconic, classic clothier is swimming in more than $2 billion in debt.

Amazon Deal Stirs Things Up for Blue Apron

SMITH BRAIN TRUST – For Blue Apron, Amazon's blockbuster deal to acquire Whole Foods couldn't have come at a worse time, says Jie Zhang, marketing professor at the University of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business.

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