FTC a Fix for McDonald’s Ice Cream Machines?

The golden arches don’t have a golden reputation when it comes to ice cream machines.

In Robinhood’s Debut, Echoes of Facebook

Robinhood’s Nasdaq debut was concerning and lackluster. And to Maryland Smith’s David Kass, it was also familiar.

The End of the Antitrust Case Against Facebook?

SMITH BRAIN TRUST – Facebook isn’t going to be broken up just now. In a stunning ruling this week, a federal judge dismissed antitrust lawsuits brought against the social media behemoth by the Federal Trade Commission and some 46 states.

21 for 2021: Midyear Stocks To Watch

SMITH BRAIN TRUST – With temperatures rising, Maryland Smith’s David Kass is looking to add a little heat to his biannual list of stocks to watch, dropping four of the picks he made in December of 2020 , and adding nine new ones. Of the 16 stocks he recommended in December, 12 have increased in value over the past six months.

Once Wall Street’s Darling, SPACs Fall From Favor

How the Special Purpose Acquisition Companies went from so hot to, recently, so not.

Buffett’s Designated Successor: Less Charisma but Extreme Competence

And 23 other takeaways from the Berkshire Hathaway's annual shareholders meeting.

The Weird New World of NFTs

For those who have regrets about missing out on the rise of cryptocurrency, the next big thing is here – NFTs, or non-fungible tokens. But instead of trading currency, these tokens come in the form of pictures and video clips. While unconventional, they might just be the next digital gold, says Maryland Smith's David Kass.

Bitcoin: Viable Currency, or Tulip-Style Bubble?

Is Bitcoin a viable currency for trade? Or is merely it an overheated asset, poised to cool way down?

Bust or Boom? Webcast To Explore the Question

Is the stock market in bubble territory, ready to burst? Or are these boom times? That will be the debate at the U.S. Equities Boom or Bust Update, a virtual event being hosted by the CFA Society Washington, D.C.

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