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Lacrosse Champion Primed for Global Business Challenges

Owen Prybylski, MS in Business and Management ’22

Lacrosse Champion Primed for Global Business Challenges

This Q&A has been edited and condensed.

What is your undergraduate major(s)?

Villanova University
Major: Economics
Minor: Business Minor

What are your career goals and aspirations?

A career goal of mine was to join a global consulting firm, which the Master of Science in Business and Management program allowed me to achieve. This July, I’m joining Protiviti, a management consulting firm as a member of their business performance improvement and finance solutions team. In the coming months, I’m looking forward to working across numerous industries to identify an area of expertise and I believe I’m well suited to take on any task thanks to my experiences in the MSBMGT program.

Why did you choose Smith’s MS in Business and Management? How do you anticipate that it will help prepare you for the career you want to pursue?

I chose Smith’s MSBMGT program to maximize my academic and athletic careers as I searched for a consulting role. More importantly, I sought a program that would expose me to the necessary skills and knowledge needed to be successful as an entry-level consultant. Not only did my Maryland Smith experience help me obtain an entry-level position at Protiviti, but it also made me confident in my ability to perform at the highest level. By joining the MSBMGT program, I gained access to the extensive and passionate University of Maryland alumni network.

What did you learn that was most helpful?

I found it incredibly helpful that each course had a different class structure while placing an emphasis on group assignments. This format resulted in the need to build and formulate a high-level functioning team and emphasized the need for communication and leadership skills. The business-like classroom environment allowed me to build on newfound skills through trial and error while having the sense of a boardroom. Learning to collaborate in this environment, I was able to polish my strengths and build up my weaknesses which proved especially helpful after having prior internships canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Before the MSBMGT program, I felt that I was behind the 8 ball, but now I feel miles ahead.

What was the classroom experience like? Did you make good connections with your classmates?

The MSBMGT program had an unbelievable classroom experience as each professor made their course fun and interactive. Every required course was made solely for MSBMGT students so almost every class had familiar faces. Looking back, I realize this allowed me to get to know my classmates at a deeper level and many of them are now often willing to hang out outside of the classroom.

What part of the program (course, teacher, experience) had the most impact for you?

After earning my undergraduate degree at Villanova University, I wanted to join a master’s program that would put me outside of my comfort zone. My time at Maryland Smith was very impactful because the rigor of the MSBMGT program helped me learn a great deal about myself, as well as experience a new environment all while balancing my athletic commitments.

Would you recommend this program for others? Why? Who would find it most valuable?

I would most certainly recommend the MSBMGT program to others as it has made me a better individual overall. It’s even more valuable working with professors that guide you along the way, who each have years of experience in their fields and do a wonderful job connecting classroom exercises to the real world. I appreciated being able to ask them about their take on the current business climate or specific current events and getting new perspectives on important issues.

What was it like to balance your sports schedule with your classwork? Was the program flexible to accommodate your schedule?

At times there were conflicts between my academic and sports schedule but these were quickly resolved because of the flexibility to switch classroom sections, take a winter course and move to night sections of the MBA program. Both the athletic and academic offices were committed to finding a schedule that allowed me to optimize my time in the classroom and on the field. For that, I will be forever grateful to the University of Maryland as I obtained my master’s degree and the NCAA national championship for men’s lacrosse.

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