Smith Day Spotlights

Check out what Smith Terps are saying about what makes them #UMDSmithProud. This year, we are also highlighting members of the Smith Veterans community and our Smith Day volunteer Ambassadors.

Jill Washecka ‘02

"I am #UMDSmithProud because my undergraduate career @Maryland set me up for success throughout my career. Contacts and relationships that I created over my (4) years have been integral stepping stones to where I am now!”

Scott Nelson, MBA ‘98

“They talk about writing the first draft of history. I was fortunate enough to cover 9/11, the invasion of Iraq, a Winter Olympics and the clergy sex-abuse scandal in Boston. But it was a Smith MBA that allowed me to translate those experiences into leadership roles. These days I’m out of the news business, and the CMO of a growing university. I’m thankful for the lessons I learned at University of Maryland, and will forever be #UMDSmithProud”

Ashley Hixson
Current Maryland Smith Staff

“I am #UMDSmithProud because I have the opportunity to connect and collaborate with some of the best and brightest students at the university! I have the honor of working in undergraduate programs with students committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion and embody these principles as central to their Smith experience. In addition to building community with students, I am grateful for the relationships I have developed with administrators and faculty within Smith and appreciate how they value and embrace Fearless Ideas.”

Ben Offit ‘09

“I am proud to be part of the Smith community because of its history and its present. Just look at all of the great alumni and successful companies that have come from the Smith School in the past and still ongoing today. It is a who's who in a wide range of industries, and just proves that Smith is a successful and groundbreaking soil to be a part of, and for me personally, I take pride in being affiliated with that type of success.”

Proud Vet Spotlights

Deborah Haven ‘79 
Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy (Retired)

“My Smith School education set me up for success.  As I reflect on my experience at UMD, I am so grateful to the school for positioning me to lead and help others excel in their career endeavors.”

Dan Carchidi
Director, Office of Transformational Learning, Maryland Smith

“I am proud to be a member of the Maryland Smith community - a community in which faculty, staff, donors, mentors and alumni place engaged student learning at the very center of all we do. Smith students seek challenges in their learning experiences within and outside of the classroom and are well prepared for what awaits them when they graduate.”

Smith Day Ambassador Spotlights

Andrew Magee
MBA student, Class of 2022

An MBA from The Smith School is the modern day American Dream; it provides you the opportunity and necessary resources to pursue a career in any industry. As a soon to be "Double Terp", I could not be more #UMDSmithProud.

Shlok Badlaney
Current Smith MFin student

I am #UMDSmithProud because this place has an aura that is mesmerizing and you get immersed in an ocean of learning. Here, I have met people with various experiences from all over the globe and expanded my horizons. The collaborative environment, resources and the Smith community have inspired me to be truly Fearless.

Ashish Medapalli Henry
Current Smith MBA student

I am proud to be a part of this community because I am able to interact with people from so many diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise. It has been a pleasure to see different ways of tackling a problem or new points of view that I had not thought of before. I am proud to say that Smith business school has helped keep me sane during this pandemic by having an outlet to interact with my fellow classmates, teachers, and advisors.

Wei-Hsuan (Vivy) Hung
Current Smith MS student & Graduate Assistant

I’m #UMDSmithProud because Smith School has provided me with the wonderful platform to integrate my creativity, critical thinking and business acumen. Smith's dynamic community has inspired me to explore innovative solutions to change the world with great support from our alumni, students, faculty and staff. I’m really proud to be part of it.

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