Starting an application is simple enough. We’ve found putting together a competitive admissions package is best done through teamwork. At Maryland Smith, our admissions staff partner with you throughout this process from the moment you first connect with us. The more you rely on their advocacy and expertise, the stronger you’ll be as a candidate.

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Helping You with Your “Why”

Many of our students intrinsically know it’s time to pursue an EMBA, but find that articulating exactly why gets a little complex. Smith admissions staff help you uncover the drivers and goals behind your decision so you can start out on a clearly defined, purposeful path.

Résumé Reviews and Revisions

Your résumé is a crucial piece of your application. We can advise you on how to demonstrate your leadership and the impact you've made on organizations.

Admissions Interview Preparation

By letting you know what to expect, your recruiter will help you make the most of your interview to demonstrate what makes you an excellent candidate.

Scheduling Class Visits

A class visit is often the moment prospective students "just know" this is the program for them. The opportunity to witness the depth of discussion, the camaraderie, and the quality of the session is invaluable. Your recruiter can set up a visit for you.

Assistance with “Making the Ask”

We can help you showcase the value of our program to your leadership and demonstrate its impact towards organizational goals.

Admissions Criteria and Requirements

Admission to the EMBA program is competitive and is based on significant and relevant professional and managerial work experience, prior academic performance, and personal attributes. Each application is evaluated holistically.


  • Academic Transcripts (4-year undergraduate degree required, plus any other graduate-level work)
  • Résumé demonstrating:
    • 8-10+ years of progressive professional experience
    • Three years of management experience
  • Personal Essay
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Organization Chart

The GMAT is not mandatory.

If you have questions about your potential candidacy or how you demonstrate any of the requirements, please schedule an appointment.

One-on-One Virtual Consultation

Speak with an admissions representative about our top-ranked Executive MBA program. During this time, we will discuss your background, goals, and timeline for pursuing the program.

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Events and Information Sessions

Admissions, Info Session

Executive MBA Info Session

Thursday, July 11, 2024
12:00 PM EDT
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Admissions, Info Session

Executive MBA Info Session

Wednesday, August 7, 2024
6:30 PM EDT
View Event Executive MBA Info Session


The next EMBA cohort is scheduled to start in January 2025.

  • February 15
  • March 15
  • April 15 
  • May 15
  • June 15
  • July 15 
  • August 15
  • September 15
  • October 15
  • November 15

Financial Aid Opportunities

Approximately one-third of our EMBA students receive full or partial tuition assistance from their employers. Others are either self-funded or seek scholarships or financial aid assistance through the University of Maryland's Office of Financial Aid.

Student Loans

EMBA students are eligible to borrow up to $20,500 in Federal Direct Loans each academic year. Grad Plus Loan programs are also available to assist in financing any remaining educational expenses. The amount you may borrow is up to the cost of education minus other aid.

Scholarships—Merit-Based Awards

The Smith School awards scholarships based on merit, evidence of leadership and work experience. All applicants to the EMBA whose applications are complete by July 15 receive priority consideration.


Executive MBA tuition for January 2024 is $136,806. Tuition includes a $2,000 nonrefundable deposit. Tuition is all-inclusive and covers all courses, books and required materials, student and administrative fees, parking, accommodations, and breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack. There is no differentiation between in-state and out-of-state tuition.

Tuition Schedule and Payment

Executive MBA tuition is charged in five installments (once per semester). The $2,000 nonrefundable deposit is deducted from the first tuition bill of the program.

Making the Ask

Approaching your leadership to discuss your Smith EMBA can be a sensitive subject. We’re here to help make it as productive as possible with these helpful talking points. We’re also happy to help review your “ask” and tailor it to your organization’s specific needs and goals.

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