Storytelling for Career Advancement: Tell the Stories Hiring Teams Want to Hear

Presented by Ira Koretsky, MBA '00, CEO, The Chief Storyteller ® -

Most people don’t think of themselves as a brand. Well, you are! As the CEO of “You,” what you do and don’t do, what you say and don’t say, and how others perceive you form the basis of your personal brand. When people read your resume, review your LinkedIn profile, or hear your name, what do they think of? Is the answer what you would want them to think of? 

Smith alumni are invited to join a highly engaging and practical program to develop and improve the three most important parts of a “compelling You” through the lens of storytelling. Ira Koretsky will have you “thinking deliberately” about your answer to “Tell me about yourself” (elevator pitch), LinkedIn profile, and the stories you tell in your career journey. Alumni will have the opportunity to work on putting this into practice in small breakout groups.

Key Learning Benefits:

  • Learn how to turn ordinary life experiences into powerful and engaging stories
  • Start training your brain to think of stories as solutions to business problems
  • Start developing your own “Story Library”
  • Improve (dramatically) your interviewing effectiveness
  • Become more confident in delivering your messages to any audience




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