Rupturing Anti Blackness in English Education

Co-sponsored by the UMD College of Education's Teaching and Learning, Policy and Leadership Department Antiracist Task Force.

Scholars theorize Blackness and anti-Blackness in English education and contend with the question: "How can educators center Black youth brilliances" From examinations of whiteness in English education, to critical interrogations of curriculum violence and racial trauma, to multimodal renderings centering Black love and creativity, to critical literacy artifacts produced by students in Black English outer spaces, presenters explicitly center Black youth--literacy brilliances and resistances. Together they share their studies and findings and discuss how their work honors the full humanity of Black youth living.

Panelists: Justin Coles; Stephanie Toliver; Stephanie Jones; Jennifer Turner; Autumn Griffin

Moderator: Rossina Zamora Liu






Department of English, Center for Literary and Comparative Studies

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