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Brent Goldfarb

Brent Goldfarb

Dean’s Professor of Entrepreneurship

Academic Director, Dingman Center

Ph.D. Economics, Stanford University


4548 Van Munching Hall

Goldfarb received a Ph.D. in economics from Stanford University and a bachelor's degree in economics and computer science from Tel Aviv University. Goldfarb’s recent projects include a book on bubbles and crashes in new technology industries, with a focus on how narrative impacts entrepreneurial investment and beliefs, a study of how team composition affects entrepreneurial outcomes, and the documentation of gender and racial disparities in student entrepreneurship. Goldfarb also works at the intersection of empirical methods and the Philosophy of Science to develop solutions to the reliability crisis in science. 

In recent years, Goldfarb has developed a “Real Entrepreneurship” course structure where students run real businesses, is a co-founder of a deep tech startup, and is the Academic Director of the Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship. Goldfarb is affiliated with the Entrepreneurship Research Lab at the University of Wisconsin. Professor Goldfarb’s research bridges the areas of entrepreneurship, economics, strategy, management, and finance.

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Bubbles and Crashes



Bubbles and Crashes
The Boom and Bust of Technological Innovation

Brent Goldfarb and David A. Kirsch

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Best Paper Prize honorable mention, Strategic Management Society annual meeting, Berlin, 2016.

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