Federal Reserve Short-Term Funding Markets Conference

Fourth Annual Short-Term Funding Markets Conference

April 30, 2021

Call for papers due December 31, 2020

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Short-term funding markets provide essential short-tenor financing for banks, dealers, and nonfinancial firms. They also play a central role in monetary policy transmission. These markets have experienced substantial funding stress and investor runs during the 07-09 financial crisis and the recent Covid-19 market turmoil, destabilizing the financial markets and beyond. View the 2020 program.

This conference aims to bring together researchers, regulators and others interested in related topics, with a broad interest in liquidity transformation and funding provision by banks, dealers and money market funds, as well as structure and network of short-term funding markets.

This year’s topics include: 

  • Liability Structure of Financial Intermediaries
  • Liquidity Provision by Central Bank
  • Short-Term Interest Rates
  • Funding Conditions for Banks and Dealers

Professor Gary Gorton from the Yale School of Management will deliver a keynote speech on "Private Money Production Without Banks." 

Please visit our agenda for links to all papers presented.

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