Financial Stability Analysis & Data

Minding the Gaps

Join us for a series of webinars with leading experts on where the gaps in data lie and what it means for financial market risk.

Future sessions will include the following topics

  • What new data gaps has the current crisis revealed (to date)?
  • How do diverse stakeholders get the data they need for financial stability analysis?
  • How are data standards for financial data determined and adopted?
  • How can sensitive financial data be shared?
  • Governance: How should a financial data collection and standards agency be organized?


Recent Events

The OFR: Constructive Thoughts for a New Environment

MARCH 24, 2021

WATCH VIDEO: The OFR: Constructive Thoughts for a New Environment

Change Management: How Does a Successful
Financial Data Organization Overcome the Barriers to Change?

WATCH VIDEO: Change Management     SESSION SLIDES: Change Management

Financial Stability Analysis & Data: Minding the Gaps

Watch Federal Reserve Vice Chair of Supervision, Randal Quarles, and Stanford Graduate School of Business Professor, Darrell Duffie kick off this series.

WATCH VIDEO: Financial Stability Analysis & Data


Resurrecting the OFR
Hilary J. Allen, American University Washington College of Law

The Data Standardization Challenge
Richard Berner, Leonard N. Stern School of Business, NYU
Kathryn Judge, Columbia Law School; ECGI

Still the World’s Safe Haven? — Redesigning the U.S. Treasury Market After the COVID- 19 Crisis
Darrell Duffie, Hutchins Center Working Paper Number 62, Brookings Institution, May 2020.

Fixing Financial Data to Assess Risk
Greg Feldberg, Yale School of Management, Director of Research, Yale Program on Financial Stability


Hedge Funds May Escape Fed Blame Over Market Mayhem in March, Bloomberg

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