Kathryn Stewart Fellowship

The Kathryn Stewart Fellowship program is designed for undergraduate students who are interested in entrepreneurship and want to intern at a startup. To be selected as a Stewart fellow, students must secure a summer internship with VC- or angel-funded startups and early-stage companies. Through this program, startups benefit from increased access to the Smith School's most talented and vibrant students. Meanwhile, students benefit from experience with the challenges of forming and growing new ventures. The Dingman Center provides up to a $5,000 stipend to supplement the salary offered by the startup.

Student Qualifications

  • Open to current UMD undergraduate students
  • Students must have a strong interest in entrepreneurship
  • Participation in entrepreneurial focused classes and past involvement with Dingman Center programming
  • Have received an offer from a startup

Benefits of becoming a Stewart fellow

  • Fellows will be awarded up to $5,000 to supplement the summer internship salary
  • Foster connections within and understanding of the local entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • Promoted and supported by the Dingman Center

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Produce high-level work and strongly represent the Dingman Center, the Smith School and the University of Maryland
  • Commitment to work during a typical summer internship time frame (early June to early/mid-August) negotiating any vacation dates with the company directly
  • Once designated a Stewart fellow, students are expected to be frequently involved with the Dingman Center

What types of companies can participate in this program?

  • Firm must either have already raised some Angel or VC funding or have received grant funding of $500,000 or more
  • Non-profit startups are also eligible
  • Self-funded firms will be considered in cases where angel or VC funding is being actively pursued
  • Must be recent startups: less than five years since inception (or since initial external capital, in the case of "ramp-ups" or "speed-ups")
  • The company is expected to expose the student to strategic decision-making aspects of the company's operation

Application Process for Students

  • Students work independently (and with the Smith School Office of Career Services) to secure an internship offer
  • After receiving an offer, students apply by emailing Lottie Byram (lbyram@rhsmith.umd.edu) the startup offer letter, resume and cover letter explaining 1) why you want to become a Stewart Fellow, 2) how you will succeed in an entrepreneurial setting and 3) how this program will further your career goals
  • Dingman Center responds to set up an interview (if the application qualifies) and application review

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