How Japan’s Early Industrialization Set the Standard for Organizational Growth

There’s no single path to organizational growth, but research from Maryland Smith is showing how today’s organizations can achieve their goals by looking at Japan’s early industrialization and how firms grew by adding new products.

How Pioneering Startups in the Mobile Money Industry Defied All Odds

It’s a tale as old as time – David vs Goliath. And this classic underdog story illustrates pioneers of the global mobile money industry as well, according to new research from Maryland Smith.

Leadership Lessons from Japan’s Cotton Spinning Industry

When it comes to a company’s success, is it better to have one strong leader at the top or several leaders sharing responsibilities? The early Japanese cotton spinning industry might have the answer.

Why Winners Learn To Share Power

Some startups bet everything on a single visionary founder. But organizations with stable shared leadership are more likely to grow and emerge as industry anchors.

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