At TechFest, Exploring Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

At Maryland Smith’s annual TechFest, speaker Jesse Hwang opened his presentation with a warning. “The COVID-19 crisis has forced banks and their customers to use digital tools and processes to compensate for branch, office and call center closures,” said Hwang,  a senior manager of cyber technical at Capital One. “This embarking on a cloud and digital transformation journey makes banks lucrative targets for cyber-criminals, who treated the pandemic as a once-in-a-lifetime gold rush.”

Students Invited to TechFest

Maryland Smith’s Department of Decision, Operations & Information Technologies is getting ready for TechFest. The annual forum brings together industry leaders who are at the forefront of addressing cybersecurity and privacy issues using modern tools. This year’s industry speakers will include Jesse Hwang, a senior manager of cyber technical in the financial sector, and Lahar Mishra, MS ’19, a technical risk management analyst at Verizon Media.

Inside the Gender Data Divide

At a time when data can influence much of our lives, it turns out that the data that researchers collect, broadly speaking, tend to be based on men’s – more than women’s – experiences.

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