AI Research Briefs

Finance professor Agustin Hurtado’s AI research highlights racial disparities in mortgage lending, while Information Systems researchers study AI chatbots' impact on mental health counseling. Marketing professor Michel Wedel explores predicting decisions via eye-tracking, and accounting professor Rebecca Hann examines AI’s evolving role in the accounting industry.

Summer Reading List 2024

The 21st Annual Summer Reading List for Business Leaders from the University of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business offers diverse recommendations. Highlights include a memoir on AI advances, a book disputing free will, a Grover Cleveland biography, and a novel by Nobel Prize-winning Kazuo Ishiguro.

New Faculty Strengthen Smith’s ‘Grand Challenges’ Strategy

Balaji Padmanabhan is among the earliest professors to bring machine learning into an MBA program. Sining Song’s research explores environmental-to-fintech-related factors in supply chain sustainability. And Agustin Hurtado recently analyzed 87 million minority-borrower accounts in a study showing minority bank ownership reduces information frictions and improves credit allocations.These professors are among the nine new tenure-track faculty members and three full time professional track faculty joining the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business this fall.

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