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Climbing the Ladder of Success in Banking by Being Open to Constant Change

Nipa Dutta, MBA ’05

The Smith MBA program gave me the flexibility to get a degree without specialization. My focus had been finance and strategy, but as I worked at different roles within banking, the advanced courses in accounting and marketing that I’d taken in earlier semesters really helped.

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From English Teacher to Human Resources Chief: Leveraging a Talent for Training and Coaching People

Vivian Liu, EMBA ’19

My professors at Maryland Smith have been my most valuable career resource. I could reach out to them for advice, coaching and feedback. My favorite professor is Dr. Liao Hui, who I could easily talk to about my thoughts and bold ideas.

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Uncommon Success: Running One Company While Holding Sway Over Tech at Another

Dennis Kang, MBA ’05

After graduating from Smith I met several Smith alumni, both in the U.S. and China. Some of them helped me with work issues, some offered me jobs and still others connected me with business opportunities. There is a natural trust among Smith alumni. I’ve been amazed by how much the Smith Alumni Network has grown in China.

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Realizing The Dream And Seeking to Mentor Leaders on the Path to Theirs

Sameer Wadhwa, MBA ’02

During my time with the Smith MBA program, I dreamt of being a consulting partner and I’m happy to have realized that dream. My goal is to mentor CFOs – especially those with start-ups – to help their companies progress and become profitable quickly.

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Never Settling Catapults Sales Leader to the C-Suite

Jennie Wang, EMBA ’21

The EMBA program allowed me to combine my past experiences in the business world with theories and principles in a systematic way, and it provided answers and alternative thinkpaths to various challenges and issues that I have encountered–especially outside the sales and marketing arena.

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Taking a Leap of Faith in SaaS and Sticking the Landing

Tarun Goyal, MBA ’98

When I graduated with my MBA, companies would ask me what I would like to do long term? I said I’d like to start my own company one day, but at the time it was only a pipe dream. As I approached my 40’s I realized it was now or never, and I started Simplotel. In that sense, I’m where I wanted to be with my career. My goals are to make Simplotel a global SaaS provider for hotels.

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UMD Violinist Doesn't Miss a Beat at Maryland Smith

Beatrice Baker, MS Business and Management ’22

I chose Maryland Smith’s Master of Science in Business and Management (MSBMGT) program because I knew it would provide me with a wide range of skills and experiences that would be directly applicable to the business environment I wanted to enter post-graduation. The program provides you with real-world experiences and working knowledge of all aspects of business ranging from accounting to ethics.

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Lacrosse Champion Primed for Global Business Challenges

Owen Prybylski, MS in Business and Management ’22

I chose Smith’s MSBMGT program to maximize my academic and athletic careers as I searched for a consulting role. More importantly, I sought a program that would expose me to the necessary skills and knowledge needed to be successful as an entry-level consultant. Not only did my Maryland Smith experience help me obtain an entry-level position at Protiviti, but it also made me confident in my ability to perform at the highest level.

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Standing Up for Climate Change and Leading With Purpose

Jessica Ennis, EMBA ’20

Jessica Ennis, EMBA ’20, set out to forge a career rooted in purpose. Now, that purpose has taken her all the way to the White House.

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Making the World a Better Place, One Sip at a Time

Jorge Richardson BS ’21

Jorge Richardson BS ’21 originally went to Maryland Smith to follow in his family footsteps, join a big investment bank and put in the years to climb up the ladder. During a summer at the World Bank, he was enamored at the Bank’s ability to catalyze massive sustainable development change through innovation & financing methods, piquing his interest in the climate space.

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