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Changing Perceptions in the Global Economy

Ja’Nel Edens, MBA '18

Perception is how we view, understand, and interpret the things around us. For international trade specialist, Ja’Nel Edens, a global mindset starts with changing your perception and thinking of yourself not just as a citizen of your nation, but as a global citizen.

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Student Profile

Saying ‘Oui!’ To Amazon in Paris

Blanka Thibaud , Flex MBA

Blanka Thibaud was ready for a change.

She’d been working as an economist, but had an eye on a career in commercial real estate development.

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Developing a Cultural Consciousness is Not a Choice

Zeynep Kantur Ozenci, MS Finance

Business is now more global than ever, challenging us to expand our understanding of other cultures and develop deeper cultural knowledge.

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Connecting Across Continents and Finding Solutions

Ed Novak divides much of his time between Boston and the Washington, D.C., area, but his professional reach is global.

As managing director and partner at Vistra, an international business services provider, he’s in constant contact with clients and colleagues worldwide.

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A Global Journey That Opens Doors

Iris Lan, MBA ’20

Sometimes, it’s a journey halfway around the world that opens doors all the way back home.

Iris Lan, MBA ’20, says that’s what happened for her when she left China to pursue an MBA at Maryland Smith.

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Faculty Profile

Meet Neta Moye, Executive Director of Maryland Smith’s Office of Career Services

Maryland Smith’s Neta Moye says her career path hasn’t exactly been linear, but it has had what she calls her “red thread” running through it, connecting her experiences together, like the ancient Chinese legend of an invisible thread intertwining fate.

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Leading with Self-Awareness and An Open Mind

Chris Steadley, MBA ’12

Chris Steadley, MBA ’12, has consistently used his global mindset in his eight-plus years at advisory and research services firm Gartner. His current role as a senior partner in consulting includes managing business in the Midwest region of the U.S.

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Reading Minds: Part Magic, Part Business Acumen

Max Major '05 can read your mind. It's a passion he parlayed into the only career he ever really considered. While at Maryland Smith, he honed his entrepreneurial skills to build a business as a renowned mentalist.

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Alumni Profile

Utilizing an Appreciation for Diversity to Lead an International Organization

Each of the seven global mindset competencies is integral to Mark Lenhart’s MBA ’00 work as executive director of study abroad organization CET Academic Programs. As a manager and leader, he finds self-awareness and humility to be a particularly important competency.

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Alumni Profile

How Cultural Curiosity and Relationship Building Adds Value to Research

Erika Hall ’07, assistant professor of organization and management at Emory University’s Goizueta Business School, studied finance at Maryland Smith while maintaining an interest in entrepreneurship.

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