MBA Association

The MBA Association (MBAA) serves the full-time student body of the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland. The MBAA is the primary interface between the student body and the administration in order to enhance the Smith MBA experience. The MBA Association coordinates 14 student-run groups.

As the MBAA, we pledge to facilitate the continued growth of the Smith community by creating an environment of open communication and opportunities for both personal and professional growth. The MBAA is responsible for the oversight of MBA student clubs, management of finances, and implementation of new and existing policies or initiatives. In addition, the MBAA plans special social events throughout the school year to foster collaboration among Smith students, faculty, administration, and alumni. Email us at

MBAA Constitution

The constitution for the MBA Association outlines the operating policies and procedures for the full-time MBA student population. It outlines the roles and responsibilities of the officers as well as the governing principles for the clubs.


We, the members of the MBA Association, in order to improve the full-time Robert H. Smith MBA community, enhance the overall experience for its students and maximize the value of the Robert H. Smith brand, establish this Constitution of the MBA Association.


Board Members

Philip "PJ" Thomas


Philip (PJ) received his bachelor's degree in Mathematics from New York University in New York, NY. He has over 6 years of work experience in both the education and non-profit sectors. PJ is a career transitioner with a concentration track in Marketing. He hopes to one day be the general manager of a sports franchise. Outside of classes, PJ can be seen leading fitness classes or performing stand-up comedy in the DC area.

Fun Fact

I perform stand-up comedy.

Urshilah Senthilnathan

Executive Vice President

As the Executive Vice President (EVP) of the MBA Association (MBAA),  I will continue to strengthen the Smith community by supporting our 14 student-run Smith MBA clubs and enriching the experience, especially for the incoming class of 2024. I trust that the most important ideas and concerns that MBAA addresses are the ones that come from the most crucial part of UMD-Smith which is the Smith Community. That is why one of my goals is to continue encouraging and increasing the students' involvement in all the clubs.

Fun Fact

I have traveled to 10 countries and aspire to visit and experience the culture of as many countries as possible. 

Mopelola Kola-lawal

Vice President of Marketing and Communications

Mope hails from Lagos, Nigeria and a huge part of her career so far has been in Residential and Commercial Real Estate. She founded and ran a Real Estate Consulting firm for about 5 years before moving to the USA in 2019.

Fun Fact

I am an author of 4 books!

Mahum Jabir

Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Mahum received her bachelor's degree in accounting and finance from the University of Pittsburgh. After graduating in 2017, she moved to Maryland to work at a public accounting firm, CohnReznick, as an auditor for about 3.5 years. She is pursuing her MBA in order to make a career transition into marketing and product management. In her free time, Mahum enjoys cooking/baking, being active and spending time with family. She will be interning at Citi in NYC during the summer of 2022.. 

Fun Fact

Pre-COVID, I used to do tae kwon do! I hope to get back into it soon.

Josh Freedholm

Vice President of Community Development and Social Value

As Vice President of Community Development and Social Value, I am excited to have the opportunity to bring members of the Smith community together.  I will be working closely with clubs to structure weekly events that enable groups and individuals to highlight their unique contributions to our cohort.  I'm also passionate about utilizing my role to give back to our surrounding Maryland area through a number of community service initiatives throughout the year.  The strength of our program is exemplified by our connections with one another, and I am proud to have the opportunity to play a part in fostering the engagement and relationships amongst all at Smith. 

Fun Fact

I'm a massive Tottenham fan--my weekend moods largely hinge on their success (or lack thereof)!

Hitaishi Singh

Vice President of International Student Affairs

My name is Hitaishi, and I am the VP of International Student Affairs for the MBAA Association. I have traveled a lot in my life and met many people from different cultural backgrounds, and I have realized that the best way to serve your community better is by listening to them and sharing their perspectives with the world. That is why my priority as a VP of International Student Affairs would be to be the international community's voice and raise any concerns they might have. One of the primary challenges for international students is the internship and full-time job search. I will plan and collaborate with my fellow international students, alumni, and OCS to make this process smooth. I can understand how overwhelming this phase of our life can be. I want to be the go-to person in my international community. I wish to work closely with the MBAA board to foster more understanding and unity amongst the entire cohort. Throughout my journey at Smith, I want to be there for my peers, and I hope they find a trusted friend in me.

Fun Fact

I love acting and writing screenplays. I along with my friends participated in 50 hours movie making challenge.

Sujeeth Ganta

Vice President of Finance

Sujeeth is a dual MBA and MS in  Business  Analytics student.  Sujeeth has worked for five years at Credit Suisse in multiple capacities including as a Senior Credit Risk Analyst and Business Project Manager. Sujeeth is currently a CFA Level 3 candidate and will be working as an Information Technology Research Analyst for the Business School Endowment fund for the upcoming year.

Fun Fact

Sujeeth is a Jack of all Trades and loves multifarious experiences as he believes in connecting dots backward.

Traighe Rouse

Vice President of Student Affairs

Hello, my name is Traighe Rouse. As the VP of the Asian MBA Association, I am committed to working alongside my fellow board members to uphold and further our mission of supporting Asian and Asian American MBA students while fostering awareness and acceptance within the wider community.

Fun Fact

I was a competitive ice skater for 15 years.

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