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My Smith Experience

Invest in Yourself

Jared Turetsky
University of Maryland, College Park, Robert H. Smith School of Business
MBA Graduation Year: 2021

I chose to get an MBA in order to progress my career in management and pivot from a technical role as a food scientist to one centered around traditional marketing and product management. I felt that Smith's emphasis on data-driven decision-making was the spark my career needed in order to build the requisite skill set needed to thrive in this career path. Smith’s curriculum is centered around collaboration and teamwork. While there are assignments and assessments that are completed on an individual basis, Smith prides itself on developing a student’s ability to work well with others. Smith's vast alumni network and strategic location made it a great choice for ensuring quality exposure to companies for internships and jobs after graduation.

My favorite course was Management with Professor David Godes. Dr. Godes is a master of his craft and is one of the most patient educators I have ever met. He explains brand management through the lens of the practitioner. In one assignment, we utilized IRI data to drive key insights as a brand manager for a large consumer products company. I learned that there is not always one right answer to a problem. Sometimes, the best solution is one that can be justified through key analytical insights and engaging storytelling.

Building lifelong friendships with my cohort had the most profound impact on my experience as a Smith MBA student. I learned that success is not a solo endeavor. It requires empathy, hard work, drive, and, most importantly, teamwork. My classmates brought years of life and professional experience to class discussions and projects. They lent a helping hand and provided support throughout my two years in College Park.

The Smith MBA program is built around world-class faculty, cutting-edge research, case discussions and data-driven decision making in order to build a more resilient and articulate business leader.

Jared Turetsky (MBA ’21)

At Smith, we believe in the adage, "Terps Helping Terps". The Smith community, cohort and vast alumni network are supportive and eager to help guide and mentor students. Whether it is seeking career advice, résumé help, or guidance on an assignment, the community is eager to help you achieve your goals. It is felt from the moment you walk through Van Munching Hall.

My goal was to shift from a scientific career path in the food and beverage industry to one centered around marketing and corporate strategy. The Smith MBA program gave me the knowledge, confidence and technical skills to solve complex business problems through a collaborative approach. Beyond the world-class curriculum and faculty, the Smith School of Business offers vast professional and career coaching services. My career coaches were instrumental in developing my story and strategizing my career search. Their expertise helped me land a Fortune 500 internship and full-time offer.

I would absolutely recommend the Smith MBA program to someone looking for a challenge and the key ingredient in taking their career to the next level. The Smith MBA program is built around world-class faculty, cutting-edge research, case discussions and data-driven decision making in order to build a more resilient and articulate business leader. Those who are motivated, yet display humility and empathy, would find the Smith MBA program most valuable. This is not a cutthroat culture. Its small class sizes are centered around collaborative discussions and projects designed to grow not only your knowledge base, but enhance the way in which you think about delivering business solutions.


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