Plus 1 Program

Save Time and Money: Earn your Bachelor's + Master's Degrees in 5 Years or Less

MS Finance MS Finance MS Accounting MS Busines Analytics MS Information Systems MS Marketing Analytics MS Supply Chain Management

For Current University of Maryland College Park Undergraduate Students

How it works

  1. Take up to 10 graduate credits as an undergraduate student at the same price as undergraduate tuition
  2. Some graduate-level classes may also count for undergraduate major requirements, or will otherwise count as electives. Be sure to consult your adviser before registering.
  3. In your senior year, you must formally apply to your chosen MS program. As a Plus 1 student, you are eligible to be waived from the application fee, recommendation, GMAT/GRE, and essay. Further instruction will be provided by the MS Admissions team. Please note that admission is not guaranteed into the master's program, as students must maintain good academic standing in their undergraduate studies. 
  4. Finish your MS degree in one year or less, depending on how many graduate-level credits you have already taken and the availability of courses


  • Make yourself more marketable in industry
  • Save time and money by taking graduate-level courses at undergraduate-level tuition
  • No GMAT or GRE is required for MS program admission
  • Priority consideration for merit scholarships for your MS program


  1. Submit your Plus 1 application in your junior year and complete the prerequisites for your program; please consult the admissions team for any specific prerequisites. 
  2. If you are accepted, meet with your new master's adviser to discuss course options, while also consulting your undergraduate adviser
    NOTE: A 3.0 GPA or above is required for all students admitted to the Plus 1 program.
  3. **Finance, Quantitative Finance and Business Analytics are a FALL start only! Please consult admissions with any questions about available entry times into Plus 1**

To apply, submit your application here.