Office of Finance and Accounting

Smith’s Finance and Accounting Office houses a team of professionals managing nearly $100 million in annual budgets and dedicated to the following mission:

For faculty, staff, students, vendors, and other partners, Maryland Smith's Office of Finance and Accounting (F&A) strives to provide support, service, data, analysis, and solutions that are reliable, accurate, timely and collaborative. In so doing, we aim to be valued partners within the Smith and broader University of Maryland communities by driving and supporting processes including but not limited to the following:

  • Financial reporting
  • Budget management
  • Fund management
  • Accounts Payable processing
  • Reimbursements
  • Grant administration
  • Scholarship disbursement
  • Invoice preparation
  • Travel approvals

The F&A office will pursue the above in a manner consistent with its core values and missions of the Smith School and University overall.

Values and Expectations

Core Values

Service – Meeting needs and exceeding expectations of the Smith School community, always in a "customer-oriented" manner.

Morals – Conducting ourselves in an honest and credible manner, exhibiting the highest of ethical and moral standards.

Improvement – Seeking to streamline processes and maximize efficiencies for our customers, while expanding our own professional capabilities.

Thoughtfulness – Demonstrating a sincere and caring attitude toward those with whom we interact; striving for win-win outcomes.

Hard work – Recognizing that our customers and colleagues deserve our very best effort, every day; creating an environment that fosters team effort for optimal results.

Expectations/Success Factors

Carry out the policies of the school
- Or think creatively and propose new ones.

Meet your deadlines
- If worried about missing – inform in advance, in writing, and with new proposed delivery date

Respond to messages within one business day
- Even if response is “need time to look into that, will let you know by x-date”

Assume goodwill
- Most of the time people are doing their best to do right

Proposal Development

F&A has put together guidance for proposal development and other grant topics.

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EFT / Direct Deposit

The Smith School recommends our vendors enroll in EFT / Direct Deposit, for expedited payments.

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Commitment and Expectations

F&A has created a "covenant" with our internal customers, in order to keep expectations clear (and high!).

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