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Instructional Design Services

Instructional Designers support faculty in the use of technology to deliver dynamic and engaging learning experiences for students. Our services are focused on building new programs, both degree and non-degree. Experts in course design, project management, and instructional technology are leveraged to partner with faculty to create compelling online programs for Smith students.

Program Creation

Developing a new course?

An instructional designer can assist you with:

  • Developing instructional materials and media that effectively produce desired learning outcomes
  • Selecting technology and techniques that reflect an understanding of the diversity of learners and enhance student engagement
  • Selecting a Canvas Template best suited for your needs
  • Ensuring consistency, quality, and structure 

Conversion a Program to Online 

Planning to convert your current in-person course? 

An instructional designer can assist you with:

  • Configuring course organization for effective online delivery
  • Designing online content to complement the classroom experience
  • Setting up your course(s) on Canvas; training on Canvas tools
  • Adapting existing instructional materials to the desired online or hybrid mode
  • Developing new instructional materials and media to effectively deliver learning objectives
  • Exploring technology tools to enhance student engagement

Developing Asynchronous Programs

An instructional designer can help you with:

  • Creating a different approach than that of designing for synchronous in-person courses
  • Maximizing instructor presence and communication for an asynchronous modality
  • Offer the opportunity to build community and leverage social learning through dialogue, openness, and respect.

Course Design

Educational Technology Services

ODL provides support for our faculty, offering instructors various supports to help address teaching and learning goals. This assistance includes video production, recording, and editing. Additional graphics creation and Canvas integration are provided. ​​

Faculty also receive information on available university-wide resources, workshops, and various other supports to encourage innovative pedagogical approaches. Consultation is provided to enhance teaching, learning, and research through the effective, inventive, and meaningful integration of digital technologies.

Instructional Technologies

Video Production

In the ODL production studio, you will find 4 high-end cameras, presentation monitors, professional lighting, teleprompters, boom microphones, green screens, and screen capture technologies. This facility is best used for groups, interviews, and high-quality production needs of new Smith programs.

Schedule a Consultation

The self-service ODL One-Button Studio is located in 2417K. ODL offers faculty one-hour time slots Monday through Friday, between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. The purpose of the One-Button Studio is to provide a simple solution meant to be a “one-stop shop” for individual recording and uploading video. Staff will be in the suite on recording days to monitor equipment and prepare new sessions. Schedule a time to learn more about the one-button studio. Please bring a USB drive to save your recordings and note that recording sessions must be booked at least 48 hours in advance.

Basic video editing and audio mixing are available with sufficient notice. Animation, 3-D, and special effects are not within our scope when using the One-Button Studio. Contact ODL to learn more.

Editing Services
Editing Services

We provide professional editing services with our studio recordings.



Animation services
Animation Services

Enhance your videos with animations.


Our lightboard provides a way for you to explain concepts easier similar to a classroom setting.

Faculty Resources and Accessibility

The Office of Digital Learning also maintains a comprehensive repository of teaching and technology resources for faculty. These materials are available to enhance and support excellent teaching, academic integrity, emerging technologies, Canvas tools, and other academic technology information for Smith faculty. 

Visit Faculty Resource Site

ODL is committed to providing accessible materials for Smith online programs. Captioning and transcription, as well as an accessibility review of online materials are a constant at ODL. The integration of Blackboard Ally into Canvas works to gauge the accessibility of course content and provide instructors and designers with guidance and tips for lasting improvements.

  • Receive feedback on the accessibility of content.
  • Improve content accessibility with step-by-step instructions.

In addition to providing faculty with insight to a course content’s accessibility, Ally automatically creates alternative versions of posted files. This allows students to choose the type of file that suits their needs.   

Canvas Support

Get assistance with new course development, utilization of Canvas tools, and using the system to meet your needs.

Graphic Design

ODL’s graphic design department works with instructional designers and faculty to produce cohesive and informative graphics that enhance the students’ learning experience. We develop clean and concise graphics with pleasing results, while meeting the standards of the Smith School and the University of Maryland at large.

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