Office of Digital Learning

We Design the Smith Educational Experience

The Office of Digital Learning (ODL) serves as a strategic partner with Smith faculty and leadership to support high-quality instruction and create innovative learning opportunities for our students. At our core, we create online programs and curricula that challenge students to assess complex business problems and deliver innovative solutions. We support both degree programs and non-degree/certificate (Executive Education) programs. ODL offers quality support, innovative technology, and a full range of instructional design, technology, and media services for Smith’s online programs.

We have played an active role in supporting all of Smith’s online and asynchronous academic programs, including the Smith Business Minor, OMSBA, Executive Education, Executive MBA, Master’s in Management, and more. In every program we support, ODL ensures critical thinking and measurable growth through great design. We combine faculty knowledge, learning technology and the best practices of learning pedagogy.

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Our Mission

The new Office of Digital Learning was created as a revision of the Office of Transformational Learning. This is more than a name change, it is an opportunity to clarify the unit’s mission and vision for Smith. Leadership within the School has been working to build a stronger online learning infrastructure that  enhances Smith’s online programs. The mission of ODL is to build transformative, engaging, inclusive education for the Smith School of Business and the University of Maryland.

Our focus is on programmatic support of better teaching and learning through impactful instructional design, assurance, and innovation.

To maintain quality service that will enable a strong competitive advantage, and articulate a clear plan to move forward, it is essential that ODL maintains principles that also reflect a positive workspace and culture in our dealing with colleagues both within Smith and outside our School. ODL is committed to excellence, inclusivity, collaboration, accountability, and integrity.

What We Do

Instructional Designers support faculty in the use of technology to deliver dynamic and engaging learning experiences for students. Our services are focused on building new programs, both degree and non-degree. Experts in course design, project management, and instructional technology are leveraged to partner with faculty to create compelling online programs for Smith students.

Instructional Design Services

We provides support for our faculty, offering instructors various supports to help address teaching and learning goals.

Educational Technology Services

We support faculty in the use of technology to deliver dynamic and engaging learning experiences for students.

Media Production

We provide high-quality production needs to help address teaching and learning goals. This includes video production and graphic design.

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