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Nov 18, 2013
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“Calculating the gains associated with increased security is problematic given that cybersecurity is a cost-saving, rather than revenue-generating, project. If you do the job right, you don’t see the benefits.” — Lawrence Gordon, Ernst & Young Alumni Professor of Managerial Accounting in a Financial Times article, “Maryland Professors Weigh up Cyber Risks” / May 20, 2013 

“It’s important for Europeans to recognize Americans are much more familiar with soccer than they admit, because it’s the predominant sport our children play. And wealthy Americans can buy a professional sports franchise and kind of be king. You can’t buy a General Electric and play with that in quite the same way.” — Peter Morici, professor of international business, discussing U.S. investors in English pro soccer, on BBC Radio / May 9, 2013 

“Traders able to see market swings milliseconds before others gives them an informational advantage. The activity is like a tax on other traders because you get all the gains from being the first guy to trade.” — Pete Kyle, Charles E. Smith Chair Professor of Finance, in a Wall Street Journal story, “Maryland Professors Weigh up Cyber Risks” / May 1, 2013 

“Young founders need to ask themselves: ‘Does [the city] have critical mass in one or multiple sectors? Does it have both young and seasoned entrepreneurs?’ Having a diverse community of peers doesn’t just mean surrounding yourself with other 20-somethings or founders of similar socioeconomic status. You should be looking for a strong community from which to draw mentorship, as well.” — Elana Fine, managing director of the Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship in an Inc. magazine article, “Best Places to Launch: 5 Things to Consider,” / April 30, 2013 

“The distribution logistics in India are very poor. But they’re poor also for Wal-Mart’s competitors, and Wal-Mart has to beat only its competitors in India. Wal-Mart does not have to beat what its competitors are doing in the U.S. or Germany.”  — Anil Gupta, professor of global strategy and entrepreneurship, discussing Wal-Mart’s prospects in India on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” / April 7, 2013 

“The brand should be appealing closer to a customer’s sense of identity rather than looking at this as a functional product where you take a notebook and write something down.” —  P.K. Kannan, Ralph J. Tyser Professor of Marketing Science, discussing Moleskine's Italy stock market IPO on American Public Media’s “Marketplace” / April 2, 2013 

“It’s not a new story that women are discriminated against or judged upon in the process of being selected for these advisory boards, but what is actually intriguing and novel is that very few people in the past have nailed down reasons. In this particular setting, it’s more about the evaluation process rather than intention and qualification of women.” – Waverly Ding, assistant professor of management and organization, from an Inside Higher Ed report on her study into the gender disparity on scientific advisory boards / March 19, 2013 

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