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Apply to Be a Supply Chain Management Fellow

Feb 01, 2018
Experiential / Reality-based Learning


Smith Undergrads: Applications for Honors and Fellows Programs at the University of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business are due by midnight Feb. 12, 2018. For more information, visit this web page.

Smith student Philip Peker ’18 contributed to this article. Philip is a marketing major with a minor in innovation and entrepreneurship at the at the University of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business.

The Robert H. Smith School of Business was one of the first business schools to adopt a supply chain management program as a major before the business school was even known as Smith. UMD has long been a pioneer in logistics and supply chain education and has expanded to include a specialized, engaging and robust Supply Chain Management (SCM) Fellows Program that provides undergraduate students a deeper dive into transportation, logistics, supply chain management, and emerging industry technology.

“The program exposed me to a variety of companies who utilize supply chain in different ways across a wide range of industries. It is nearly impossible to learn about all of supply chain in classes, so this program helped by bringing in companies where supply chain drives operations. Learning from executives and professionals, rather than just professors, helped me get a handle on the real-world applications of what I’m studying,” said Rahul Mehta, a senior and former president of the SCM Society. Rahul interned with PepsiCo in Chicago, Ill., in the Customer Supply Chain Department within their North American Nutrition Business Unit.

“This program allows students to network with alumni of the program, many of whom hold high-level positions at companies like Unilever, Amazon, PepsiCo, and more,” said Thomas Corsi, SCM Fellows faculty champion. He outlined SCM Fellows program’s three main components:

  1. Exposure to industry leaders.
  2. Annual travel to the Intermodal Association Expo in Long Beach, Calif. Last year’s cohort won first prize in the IANA Case Competition.
  3. Develop a career pipeline for students to promote fulfilling and lucrative jobs in the industry upon graduating from the program.

Recently, a fourth component has been added, which is the research component. Fellows’ students conduct research in the field, gaining a first-hand empirical perspective on the industry, the customers, and the networks that make up the intermodal system. They gain skills, knowledge, and experience that paves the way for success in their academic and professional futures.

The former president of the Intermodal Association of North America (IANA) is a Smith alumna, and she reached out to the Smith school as a pilot school for an industry-university partnership. The purpose was to get bright students interested in logistics as a career, and in turn, grow the next generation of leaders for an ever-evolving industry. Thanks to this partnership, Supply Chain Management Fellows enjoy unrivaled access to industry leaders, companies, resources, and mentorship opportunities.

Natalie Tran, a senior Supply Chain Management Fellow confirmed how important it is to take advantage of the program’s offerings. “With every guest speaker the program hosts, you have a better understanding of the soft skills and the subtle nuances that can differentiate you from the rest of the workforce. I have been able to discover the challenges and demands of working in supply chain, and the speakers have reinforced my decision to study and work in the field after college. Knowing what I know now about the program, I would do so happily apply again and encourage others to do so.”

It is a dynamic community and as the industry undergoes swift technological changes, the SCM Fellows program continues to pioneer new methods, techniques, and practices to ensure students become successful business professionals and leaders. This program propels students to the next level of their Smith journey.

Companies like Amazon, Tesla and Berkshire Hathaway have refocused a lot of their energy on logistics and supply chain. Being an SCM Fellow can help students become part of this energy.


Applications for Supply Chain Management Fellows for 2018-19 are due Feb. 12, 2018, at 11:59 p.m.

  • Online application form.
  • Cover letter – Explains why you want to be a part of this program, what you can bring to the program, and what you hope to gain from participating. Address your cover letter to the faculty champion for this Fellows program.
  • Résumé.
  • Note: Cover letter and résumé must be submitted as a PDF.

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