The Proposed Basel 3 Endgame Capital Rules: Impacts on Banking, Business and Consumers

The banking regulatory agencies recently proposed a new set of capital rules for large banks referred to as Basel 3 Endgame (B3E) that have broad sweeping implications not just for those institutions but also for consumers, businesses and the economy at large. In this webinar, we will examine the key features of B3E and how those proposed rules could impact banks as well as their customers and overall markets.  We are thrilled to have Greg Baer, President and CEO of the Bank Policy Institute as our guest to walk through these topics moderated by Dr. William Longbrake, Executive-in-Residence and SERC Executive Risk Fellow.

Speakers: Greg Baer, President and CEO, Bank Policy Institute

Moderator: Bill Longbrake, Executive-in-Residence, Robert H. Smith School of Business




Virtual (Zoom)


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