Alumni Development / February 28, 2021

ACB Unlocking Experiences: Move & Talk with MVMT

Let’s get moving with MVMT! The Maryland Smith Alumni Chapter Board invites you to the next ACB Unlocking Experiences Event: Move & Talk with MVMT. Start your Sunday with a virtual workout for all levels, followed by a conversation with MVMT co-founders: Daniel Mazour, current Smith Online MBA student, and Liam Fisher.

Explore what MVMT offers through a 30-minute combination Mobility//Strength//HIIT and Yoga//Mindfulness session. Once we’ve caught our breath, we’ll sit down with the two entrepreneurs behind the business.

Mazour and Fisher will share the drivers and catalysts behind MVMT, an all-virtual gym with access to both live and on-demand classes. Having launched in April 2020 during a pandemic that shifted the fitness landscape almost overnight, learn what makes MVMT stand out in a crowded market.

About MVMT: The MVMT is an online gym you can access from anywhere, anytime. Movement for everyone with live and on-demand workouts for any skill level - no equipment needed. Visit their website to learn more.

About the Workouts:

MVMT Mobility//Strength//HIIT: A blend of 3 of MVMT’s signature classes - Mobility, Strength & Sweat MVMT - Mobility will loosen up those stiff joints and activate muscles you didn’t know you had, followed by some Strength and Sweat to put them to work, leaving you feeling stronger and more resilient than before.

Yoga MVMT//Mindfulness: Take a few minutes for yourself to slow it down, stretch, take a deep breath, and relax, leaving you feeling less stressed and ready to take on the rest of your day.

Learn more about the MVMT co-founders, along with the fitness instructors you’ll meet!






Kaitlin Walukonis

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