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Wilbur Chung

Wilbur Chung

Associate Professor

Ph.D., University of Michigan


3417 Van Munching Hall

Research Interests: Technology, agglomeration, and foreign direct investment.

Professor Chung teaches in the full-time and part-time MBA core. His research examines technology, agglomeration, and foreign direct investment. One stream of his research examines firms "knowledge seeking" activity and how this affects firms- location choice. The second stream examines the outcomes of location choice: how agglomeration affects firms- performance and how inward foreign direct investment affects host industries- competition and productivity. His research appears in Management Science, Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Journal of International Business Studies, and Advances in Strategic Management.

Chung joined Maryland after two years at Wharton and five years at the Stern School at NYU. He completed his Ph.D. at the University of Michigan in 1997. His dissertation was a finalist for the Free Press Dissertation Award (Academy BPS division), Barry M. Richman Dissertation Award (Academy IM division), and the Farmer Dissertation Award (AIB). He also holds his M.S. in industrial administration and a B.S. in mechanical engineering from Carnegie Mellon.

Wilbur specializes in MBA core class teaching, having taught core and menu-core classes at Stern (NYU), Wharton (UPenn), and Smith (UMD). At Smith, he taught BUSI683 “Global Economic Environment” (applied macroeconomics) for several years, before developing BUSI673 “International Economics for Managers”; which was originally a menu-core class and is now an elective. BUSI673 leverages basic principles of international economics to provide insights for firm strategic advantage. This course is unique to the Smith School, since it dovetails with Wilbur’s research interests.

Wilbur has received the Top 15% instructor distinction in every year since his arrival at Smith in 2004 and won the school’s Krowe Teaching Award in 2014.

  • Demand Agglomeration Economies, Neighbor Heterogeneity, and Firm Survival: The Effect of HHGregg’s Bankruptcy (with Siddhartha Sharma), Strategic Management Journal, forthcoming.
  • Applying Random Coefficient Models to Strategy Research: Identifying and Exploring Firm Heterogeneous Effects (with Juan Alcacer, Ashton Hawk and Goncalo Pancheco-de-Almeida) Strategy Science. 3(3): 533-553. 2018.
  • Location Strategies and Agglomeration Economies (with Juan Alcacer) Strategic Management Journal. 35(12): 1749-1761. 2014.
  • Benefiting from Location: Knowledge Seeking - commentary (with Juan Alcacer). Global Strategy Journal 1(1/2): 132-134. 2011.
  • International Knowledge Sourcing: Evidence from US Firms Expanding Abroad (with Stephen Yeaple) Strategic Management Journal 29(11): 1207-1224. 2008.
  • Location Strategies and Knowledge Spillovers (with Juan Alcacer) Management Science 53(5):760-776. 2007.
  • Social Capital, Geography, and the Survival: Gujarati Immigrant Entrepreneurs in the U.S. Lodging Industry (with Arturs Kalnins) Management Science 52(2):233-247. 2006.
  • Resource-Seeking Agglomeration: A Study of Market Entry in the Lodging Industry (with Arturs Kalnins) Strategic Management Journal 25(7): 689-699. 2004.
  • Sequential Investment, Firm Motives and Agglomeration of Japanese Electronics Firms in the US (with Jaeyong Song) Journal of Economics and Management Strategy 13(3): 539-560. 2004.
  • Foreign Direct Investment and Host Country Productivity (with Will Mitchell and Bernard Yeung) Journal of International Business Studies 34(2): 199-218. 2003.
  • Knowledge Seeking and Location Choice of Foreign Direct Investment in the United States (with Juan Alcacer) Management Science 48(12): 1534-1554. 2002.
  • Mode, Size, and Location of Foreign Direct Investments and Industry Price Mark-up Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 45(2): 187-213. 2001.
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  • Ethnic Links, Location Choice and Performance: A Test of the Rural Motel Industry (with Arturs Kalnins) Advances in Strategic Management 18: 31-51. 2001.


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