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Edwin A. Locke

Edwin A. Locke

Professor Emeritus

Ph.D., Cornell University


Primary Research Areas

  • Organizational Behavior
  • Human Resources Management

Selected Publications

Locke, E. A. (1991) The motivation sequence, the motivation hub and the motivation core.Organizational Behavior & Human Decision Processes, 50, 288-299.

Judge, T. A. & Locke, E.A. (1993) Effect of dysfunctional thought processes on subjective well-being and job satisfaction. Journal of Applied Psychology, 78, 475-490.

Scully, J., Kirkpatrick S. & Locke, E. A. (1995) Locus of knowledge as a determinant of the effects of participation on performance, affect and perceptions. Organizational Behavior & Human Decision Processes, 61, 276-288.

Baum, J. R., Locke, E. & Kirkpatrick, S. (1998) A longitudinal study of the relation of vision and vision communication to venture growth in entrepreneurial firms. Journal of Applied Psychology, 83, 43-54.

Locke, E. A. (2000) Motivation by goal setting. In R. Golembiewski (Ed.) Handbook of organizational behavior. New York: Marcel Dekker.

Honors and Awards

  • Fellow, Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (American Psychological Association); Fellow, Academy of Management; Fellow, American Psychological Society
  • Ranked 2nd in scholarship among 576 management faculty from 32 leading business schools (1989).
  • Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award, Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology, 1993.
  • Career Achievement Award, Academy of Management (Human Resources Division), 1997.
  • Included in A. Bedeian (Ed.) "Management Laureates" Vol. 2, JAI Press, 1993.
  • Outstanding Faculty Award, College of Business and Management Alumni Association, 1980.
  • Distinguished Teacher-Scholar Award, University of Maryland, College Park, 1983-84.
  • Distinguished Teacher Award-Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences, 1985.
  • Top 15% of Teachers, College of Business & Management (several times).
  • Krowe Teaching Award for teaching excellence, MBA Program, 1992
  • Krowe Teaching Award for teaching innovation, MBA Program, 1996

Consulting Work

  • Wakefern Foods
  • U. S. Civil Service Commission
  • Life Insurance Marketing and Research Association
  • Defense Intelligence Agency
  • International Personnel Management Association
  • Inhilco, Inc.
  • Blue Shield of Maryland
  • U.S. Post Office
  • Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense
  • U.S. Red Cross
  • IBM
  • Kodak
  • Washington Gas Light Co
  • National Retail Merchants Association
  • McDonnell Douglas
  • Douglas Aircraft
  • Westinghouse Corp.
  • Marriott Corp.
  • Pet Foods, Inc.
  • Army Research Institute


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