Check back on Wednesday, December 22 for a commencement video.

The University of Maryland has announced the cancellation of Winter 2021 Commencement activities.
Read the full announcement.

Commencement Speaker

Göran Espelund, MBA ’87
Senior Advisor for Stockholm-based Lannebo Fonder AB

Dear Class of 2021,

I am saddened to hear that your graduation has been canceled due to Covid-19. I was truly looking forward to congratulating you in person.

I know that the pandemic has affected your studies in many ways. I also know that you have shown a remarkable ability to adapt to adverse circumstances, this being the latest one.

Graduation ceremony or not, you are still graduating with your Smith degrees, which is a fantastic foundation on which to build your careers.

I have through the Smith Advisory Board had the opportunity to meet and listen to some of you. Every time I am just as impressed. You are so talented, and I am totally convinced you will bring that talent out into the world and do wonderful things! Great things! Amazing things! You are ready for the world and the world is ready for you.

Class of 2021, congratulations, to each and every one of you, for a job very well done!

Stockholm Dec 17, 2021

Göran Espelund

Göran Espelund, MBA ’87, is a senior advisor and member of the board of directors for Stockholm-based Lannebo Fonder AB. A co-founder of the investment management company, he spent 15 years as its CEO and five as its chairman.

Lannebo Fonder is an active equity management firm that seeks to help clients beat the market while staying true to the principles of responsible investment. At the firm, investment decisions are made based on their environmental, social and governance impact.

Espelund became interested in capital markets at an early age in the coastal town of Kalmar, Sweden, where he wrote his high school thesis on how the New York Stock Exchange works.

He studied at Sweden’s Linköping University, and later came to the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business as a Fulbright Scholar, drawn to Maryland Smith by its close-knit community and proximity to Washington, D.C. “Getting my MBA here was life-changing,” he later said. “That learning experience and camaraderie are with me still today.”

He also met his wife, Cristina (Mencia) Espelund ’85, MBA ’88, at Maryland Smith. After finishing their overlapping graduate programs, the couple settled in Sweden. Cristina Espelund is the founder of Founder DCNG Advisory, a business consulting firm.

Göran Espelund remains engaged with Smith as a donor and member of the school’s volunteer Board of Advisors.

Graduating Students

Undergraduate Speaker
Juliet Jack
Management Major

Read about Juliet

Juliet is an outstanding scholar and has received numerous awards and honors during her time as an undergraduate. She is a Hispanic Scholarship Fund Scholar, a member of the National Honor Society for Collegiate Scholars, and has received the UMD Office of Multiethnic Student Education academic excellence award.

She was also a part of the University of Maryland Dance Team, performing at all football and basketball games, traveling to away games and tournaments, and making appearances at regional events.

Upon graduation, Juliet will join Accenture Federal Services as a Strategy & Consulting Analyst in Washington, D.C.

Graduate Speaker
Laura Gomez Cadena
MBA and MS in Information Systems

Read about Laura

Laura has had both corporate and entrepreneurial experiences. Before coming to Smith, she worked at The World Bank Group in Corporate and Information Technology. She has also been involved in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. While pursuing her graduate studies, she worked as a Business Development intern for Relavo, a medtech startup out of Johns Hopkins focused on the management of kidney disease. Laura also led a team that placed first in TechStars Startup Weekend Competition and just launched a podcast where she speaks with innovators at the intersection between business, healthcare, and technology.

Laura’s accomplishments were recognized with both a Dean’s Fellow Scholarship and a Forte Foundation Fellow award.

After graduating, Laura will continue working in the healthcare startup ecosystem.

Graduate Speaker
Jahi Jones
MS in Business Analytics

Read about Jahi

In addition to being a fine student, Jahi is a distinguished athlete. As a member and team captain of the University of Maryland’s Division 1 Men’s Wrestling team during his undergraduate years at Maryland, he was the first in the program’s history to receive the B1G Medal of Honor, the most prestigious award in the Big Ten conference.

Despite his challenging academic schedule, Jahi was still active as a board member and treasurer of the Black Wrestling Association while in school. His passion for wrestling drove the creation of another passion project: advocating for greater access to opportunities for young Black athletes by restoring wrestling programs at historically Black colleges and universities. Jahi is the Executive Director of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities Wrestling Initiative, which recently announced a $2.7 million donation to Morgan State University, making it the only HBCU in the country to have a D1 wrestling program starting in 2023.

Jahi is also a lead data engineer for manufacturing with Trex Co.

December 2021 Latin Honors

Summa Cum Laude:

Caroline Abigail Chu

Magna Cum Laude:

Samuel Shen

Cum Laude:

Jacob William Allen
Sophie Ann Bradbury
Andrew Briner
Julia Katherine Dibenedetto
Julia Gabrielle Labovitz
Aniela Zofia Skibniewska

Note: Latin Honors published in the commencement program are tentative and unofficial, pending the submission and calculation of all final grades for the semester of commencement.

December 2021 Fellows Graduates

Banking and Private Wealth Management

  • Rowan Bartell
  • Jeremy Barton
  • Patrick Connelly
  • Adam Elshafei
  • Julia Labovitz
  • Richard Levy
  • Jared Malave
  • Jacob Pliner
  • Jeremy Sklar
  • Jourdan Wright
  • Evan Yagel

Business, Society and the Economy College Park Scholars

  • Adora Belcher
  • Garrett Calem
  • Julia Dibenedetto
  • Matthew Leonhartt
  • Michael Malhani
  • Jacob Pliner
  • Sean Reinhardt
  • Hunter Starr
  • Andy Wang

Emerging CFOs

  • Vera Andreeva
  • Richard Levy
  • Andy Wang
  • Jourdan Wright
  • Evan Yagel

Global Consulting

  • Kalista Dang
  • Merisa Dulovic Alkhateeb
  • Jared Malave
  • Abby Pineyro
  • Manyi Zhong

Information Technology and Business Transformation

  • Eric Chang
  • Rebecca Park
  • Sean Reinhardt

QUEST Honors

  • Annabelle Baer
  • Aaron Kurtz

Social Innovation

  • Jenna Koch

Sophomore Finance

  • Eric Chang
  • Matthew Leonhartt
  • Jacob Pliner
  • Andy Wang
  • Evan Yagel

Strategic Design and Innovation

  • Sophie Bradbury
  • Julia Camina
  • Yasmin Mamodesene
  • Matthew Nguyen
  • Aishwarya Srivastava

Supply Chain Consulting

  • Adora Belcher
  • Brian Carney
  • Brooke Deberdine
  • Mark Woolfley

Wall Street

  • Andy Wang



  • Sudan Anduze
  • Jamal Adrian Bazilio
  • Adam Beakley
    2nd Major: Information Systems
  • Clayton Gregory Buckman
    2nd Major: Finance
  • Liezel Kate Luyaben Buslig
    2nd Major: Information Systems
  • Christian Ivan Calderon
    2nd Major: Operations Management and Business Analytics
  • Ashley Jihyun Chang
  • Benjamin Hyunjoon Cho
  • Aaron Degener
  • Thao Phuong Do
  • Clinton Ikechi Ewenike
  • Conrado John Descalzo Galano
  • Gino C. Giumarello
    2nd Major: Finance
  • Jake Isaiah Given
  • Caitlyn Amanda Golden
  • Garrett Andrew Harman
  • Christopher Lovell Harris
  • Mohit Mohan Hemnan
  • Ayana Ishiguro
  • Mealod Khashei
    2nd Major: Management
  • Seohwa Kim
  • Jacob Ethan Laughlin
    2nd Major: Finance
  • Hien Thuy My Le
  • Benjamin Jan Lee
  • Jiaqi Li
    2nd Major: Information Systems
  • Dao Thi Minh Nguyen
  • Vy Lan Nguyen
  • Samantha Marie Ogburn
  • Noriluz Oscuro Jimenez
    2nd Major: Management
  • Fiona Rose Palumbo
  • Benjamin Riley Rubow
    2nd Major: Finance
  • Jasmine Natalie Villatoro
    2nd Major: Information Systems
  • Deysi Francisca Villatoro Ramos
  • Jacqueline Leah Wilson
  • Jiaqi Yuan


  • Kissairy Adames
    2nd Major: International Business
  • Ama Adoma Adom-Amponsah
  • Vera Alekseyevna Andreeva
    2nd Major: Management
  • Barathi Aravindan
  • Nicholas James Argauer
    2nd Major: International Business
  • Annabelle Leah Baer
  • Ryan Dean Balow
  • Rowan Quinn Bartell
  • Jeremy Brett Barton
  • Ryan Anthony Blumberg
  • Andrew Briner
    2nd Major: Operations Management and Business Analytics
  • Patrick Brian Connelly
    2nd Major: Operations Management and Business Analytics
  • McKenzie Powell Dalton
    2nd Major: Marketing
  • Emily Elizabeth Defee
  • Abel Fasil Demissie
    2nd Major: Operations Management and Business Analytics
  • Aaditya Desai
    2nd Major: Operations Management and Business Analytics
  • Nathan Dessalegne
  • Merisa Dulovic Alkhateeb
  • Adam Emad Elshafei
    2nd Major: Operations Management and Business Analytics
  • Bogac Gecgil
  • Justin Michael Gielen
  • Asher Shlomo Guigui
    2nd Major: Information Systems
  • Garrett Andrew Harman
  • Araya Milipsa Hebert
  • Benjamin David Holzer
  • Ethan Young Hwang
    2nd Major: Information Systems
  • Bruce Ambrose Jennifer
  • Christina Maria Karayianis
  • Tamara Samir Khalil
  • Vincent Sebastian Kiatta
  • Aaron M Kurtz
  • Monica Wagih Wadea Labib
  • Julia Gabrielle Labovitz
  • Matthew Jackson Leonhartt
  • Richard Levy
    2nd Major: Operations Management and Business Analytics
  • Natalia Kristin Louhisdon
    2nd Major: Information Systems
  • Alex Jacob Mackesy
    2nd Major: Information Systems
  • Jared Christian Malave
  • Vivek Mantha
  • Jack Elias Martin
  • Darian Alexander McGhee
  • Trishanna Brianna McKenzie
  • Andrew Chandran Moses
  • Srivats Narasimhan
  • Jack Michael O'Connor
  • Nneka Chimdimma Onyima
  • Jacob Aaron Pliner
  • Andrea Nicole Preciado
  • Joshua Allen Quiat
  • Andrew Robert Rizzo
  • James Walter Rosenberry
  • Stephen James Scarcella
    2nd Major: Operations Management and Business Analytics
  • Julia Elizabeth Sepe
  • Juancho Mejia Serquina
    2nd Major: Information Systems
  • Dheeraj Sharma
    2nd Major: Information Systems
  • Stephen Nara Shin
    2nd Major: International Business
  • Jeremy Louis Sklar
    2nd Major: Information Systems
  • Ryan Bradley Stellmann
  • McKenna Leigh Stevens
  • Noam Tobin-Hess
  • Luis Enrique Vigil
  • Andy Wang
  • Phillip Lester Willis, Jr
    2nd Major: Marketing
  • Christian Kehoe Willkehr
  • Jourdan Connor Wright
  • Evan Michael Yagel
  • Madeline Rose Yannuzzi
  • Shupei Zhan
    2nd Major: Information Systems
  • Shuming Zhang


  • Ellis Hosea Brown
    2nd Major: Marketing
  • Jackson Hunter Chamberlain
    2nd Major: Operations Management and Business Analytics
  • Jeffery Ming Chern
    2nd Major: Supply Chain Management
  • Yueying Feng
  • Sebastian Freites
    2nd Major: Accounting
  • David Aaron Golding
  • Benjamin Levin
    2nd Major: Finance
  • Allan T Li
    2nd Major: Accounting
  • Sophia Lopez Pimenta
    2nd Major: Operations Management and Business Analytics
  • Cristina Maria Macker
    2nd Major: Marketing
  • Shinichi Magosawa
  • Joshua Z Mezh
    2nd Major: Supply Chain Management
  • Prince Chimaobi Nwankwoala
  • Rebecca Jiyeon Park
    2nd Major: Operations Management and Business Analytics
  • Yash P Patel
  • Samuel Shen
  • Trisha Shrivastava
  • Joshua Webster Tomlinson
    2nd Major: Management
  • Justin Tsang


  • Andrea Aneth Madeley Barrios
    2nd Major: Marketing
  • Antoine Lamar Battle
  • Rachel Olivia Calimer
    2nd Major: Marketing
  • Nadia Nkechi Edet


  • Jacob Zelig Black
    2nd Major: Marketing
  • Tiago Jose Correia
  • Michal Angelo Dickson
  • Jacob Kevin Friedlander
  • Olivia Leger Garcia
  • Areiyan Ali Golchin
  • Juliet Jean Jack
  • Kainaat Javed
    2nd Major: Accounting
  • Tanya Kafity
    2nd Major: Marketing
  • Jasraz Delwar Khan
  • Soha Saadia Kirmani
  • Jenna Lizbeth Koch
  • Taylor Christina Koebler
    2nd Major: Marketing
  • Keith Ali Livingston
  • Cole Benjamin Nachman
  • Joseph Robert Pereira
    2nd Major: Marketing
  • Rachael Marie Peters
  • Welner Ramirez
  • Francesco Russo
  • Alan Yakov B Soclof
  • Aishwarya Srivastava
    2nd Major: Marketing
  • William Briant Thayer III
  • Alisha Carol Tronetti
  • Harrison George Trumbour
    2nd Major: Marketing
  • Deysi Francisca Villatoro Ramos
  • Ryan John Walsh
  • Elizabeth Rose Wilkinson
    2nd Major: Marketing


  • Mohammad Ajwad Ashraf
  • Annie Caroline Bergholtz
    2nd Major: Supply Chain Management
  • Charles Phillip Besche
  • Chloe Louise Bibby
  • Mary Margaret Bilodeau
    2nd Major: Supply Chain Management
  • Sophie Ann Bradbury
  • Camara Hikema Buchanan
  • Garrett Michael Calem
    2nd Major: Information Systems
  • Julia Lauren Camina
  • Thomas William Canary
    2nd Major: Management
  • Su Jung Choi
    2nd Major: Supply Chain Management
  • Caroline Abigail Chu
    2nd Major: Supply Chain Management
  • Kalista Ngoc Tram Dang
    2nd Major: Operations Management and Business Analytics
  • Michael Douglas Hughes Dial
  • Julia Katherine Dibenedetto
    2nd Major: Supply Chain Management
  • Kendall Daniel Douglas
    2nd Major: Finance
  • Sydney Nicole Elia
    2nd Major: Supply Chain Management
  • Leila Vanessa Gilbert-Rivera
  • Kristen Nicole Gioioso
    2nd Major: Finance
  • Emily Jane Goldman
  • Nikko Renz Guevara
  • Sarah Michele Haggerty
  • Darius Keith Hannah
  • Grace Maguire Hayes
  • Chelsea Mae Johnson
  • Nicole Katherine Kane
  • Mireille Lena Khoury
  • Mollie Elizabeth Lobel
    2nd Major: Supply Chain Management
  • Ana Clara Losada Radley
  • Julia Lutsenko
    2nd Major: Operations Management and Business Analytics
  • Yasmin Asia Mamodesene
  • Nolan Alexander Marks
    2nd Major: Supply Chain Management
  • Connor Kreif Martin
    2nd Major: Supply Chain Management
  • Wesley Talbot Meadowcroft
  • Felipe Mejia Arenas
  • Julia Edith Montone
  • Matthew Luat Nguyen
    2nd Major: Supply Chain Management
  • Samantha Leigh Payer
  • Madison Emilia Rubin
  • Natalie Abigail Rubio
  • Gilbert Sandjo
    2nd Major: Operations Management and Business Analytics
  • Amir Halim Sharif
  • Franklin Samuel Sorto
    2nd Major: Supply Chain Management
  • Logan Richard Spencer
    2nd Major: Supply Chain Management
  • Eva Sofia Trueba
  • Ella Maryn Walters
    2nd Major: Supply Chain Management
  • Reed Tanner Wigfield
  • Ryan Michael Wohltmann
  • Campbell Joseph Wolov
  • Lutong Yang


  • Cameron Na'Zir Blake
  • Spencer Michael Bokach
    2nd Major: Supply Chain Management
  • Jacob Benjamin Dolinger
  • Damon King
  • Peter Jackson Koutsos
    2nd Major: Information Systems
  • Marco Helder Medugno
    2nd Major: Marketing
  • Sahiti Saikasturi Nadimpalli
    2nd Major: Information Systems
  • Trang Thuy Ngo
    2nd Major: Information Systems
  • Abby Jasmine Pineyro
    2nd Major: Marketing
  • Aniela Zofia Skibniewska
  • Brenae La'Neisha Smith
    2nd Major: Accounting
  • Hunter Gabriel Starr
    2nd Major: Marketing
  • Yiwei Wang
    2nd Major: Information Systems
  • Lutong Yang
  • Grace Zhang
  • Manyi Zhong


  • Jacob William Allen
    2nd Major: Management
  • Adora Lanae Belcher
    2nd Major: Marketing
  • Brian Tadros Carney
    2nd Major: Finance
  • Eric Steven Chang
    2nd Major: Information Systems
  • Daniella Stephanie Cohen
    2nd Major: Marketing
  • Brooke Stephanie DeBerdine
  • Michael Mohsen Malhani
    2nd Major: Information Systems
  • Malcolm Franklin McGhee
    2nd Major: Information Systems
  • Christopher Moran
  • Samantha Marie Ogburn
  • Sean Edward Reinhardt
    2nd Major: Information Systems


  • Ziky Ababiya
  • Juliannah Kikelomo Adeoye
  • Neshat Afroz
  • Bolanle Josephine Aladetimi
  • Rachel Louise Aldridge
  • Collin Owens Alexander
  • Kinya Shelby Alexander
  • Antonio A. Amato
  • Nicholas Annunziata
  • Krystal Au
  • Ramona Gabriela Aubry
  • Ebosele Evans Ayewoh
  • Mariama Bah
  • Esther O Babalola
  • Mandeep Singh Bedi
  • Jarred Bennett
  • Corey Benton
  • Ernestine L Blango
  • Robert Craig Bodmer
  • James David Lamont Bowman, Jr
  • Katherine Elizabeth Brandus
  • Brian C Buckley
  • Margaret Burton
  • Tara Angela Capelli
  • Megan Concetta Careiro
  • John Wesley Carter
  • Theodore D Chang
  • Nicholas David Chamberlain
  • Kevin Eric Chassagne
  • Rinjumon Abraham Chathanpuridom
  • Apaala Chatterjee
  • Percy Tirivangani Chipunza
  • Fuchsia Christian
  • Samantha Chou
  • Kitty Yuenkei Chung
  • Daniel Cohen
  • Jeffrey Collins
  • Isaac William Connor
  • David Dannemiller
  • Kelley Noel Darling
  • Alexis Ann Davis
  • Emma Marie Deininger
  • Taylor John Denno
  • James Michael Deveau
  • Adam Mather DiPillo
  • Megan Marie Dortch
  • Danny Dove
  • Emily Rae Doxtator
  • Robert Drost
  • James Clinton Duncan
  • Nicolas Dunn
  • Rohan G Durbal
  • Marin Leigh Eckelberg
  • Carolyn Eichhorn
  • Cedrick Sylvanus Ekomie Engone
  • Arthur Carroll Escribano
  • Shayna Marie Etches
  • Antonio Romeo Evans
  • Cole A Farrand
  • Amin Farzaneh
  • Katherine Anne Flewelling
  • Andrew Scott Frie
  • Rachael Nicole Gala
  • Ahmed Hatem Ghafir
  • Andrea Jevon Gilliard
  • Michael K Godana
  • Adrienne Longina Gooding
  • Scott Kane Goodwin
  • Cong Han
  • Ezekiel M Han
  • Michael Lewis Hess
  • Sarah Kathryn Higgins
  • Allison Jade Hishmeh
  • Jacob Robert Hogan
  • Jina Hong
  • Ryan Horn
  • Trevor Hoselton
  • Danielle Sarah House
  • Shan Huang
  • Emily Elizabeth Hutson
  • Tung Huynh
  • Dustin Jackson
  • Nicole Gates Jansma
  • Alexander Thomas Johnson
  • Linda Evette Johnson
  • Jessica Linda Jones
  • Raffi G Karpouzian
  • Patrick Bernard Keenan
  • Brian Howley Keith
  • Daniel Killeri
  • Nicholas Joseph Kobloth
  • Stephen Garrett Koteen
  • Dylan Kramer
  • Arti M Kshirsagar
  • Mukund Namdeo Kshirsagar
  • Zachary John Labriola
  • Dustin Lee
  • William Lee Lewis, Jr
  • Joshua Liberman
  • Jenny Lori Lon
  • Tieara Long
  • Natalie Patricia Madero
  • Andrew Morrell Magod
  • Zaryab Ejaz Malik
  • Danielle Lou-Ann Marryshow
  • Molly Marshall
  • Diego F Mayorga
  • Edward James McEvoy IV
  • Mikkyla McLean
  • Kathryn McNally
  • Michael Christopher Middleton
  • Scott Anderson Miller
  • David Anthony Mondoza, Jr
  • Matthew Montes
  • Jenny Lynn Moore
  • Jones Moses
  • Elies Khaled Moumena
  • Joseph P Nacincik
  • Alyson Nesson
  • Kristen Ng
  • Jayson Nicholas
  • Dacruz Norberto
  • Stephen Mark Novak, Jr
  • Christopher Olson
  • Adetoun Olumide
  • Dorcas Oluwafunke Olawuni
  • Jennifer Sandra Oxilien
  • Keith Parker
  • Michael Pappafotis
  • Keith Parker
  • Yash Patel
  • Nicole Cherie Paul
  • Jessica Zhang Pedrick
  • Matthew Philip Pelligrino
  • Emma Caroline Perron
  • Kara Phelps
  • Richard M Philbin III
  • Kelly Phillips
  • Jeffrey Plasse
  • Michael S Piscetelli
  • Maureen Ann Raley
  • Kaila Nepheline Raybuck
  • Matthew Kyle Rhinehart
  • Kaley Lyn Rhodes
  • Wright Ricketts
  • Derek Robb
  • Kimberly Ann Rogers
  • Ian Elliot Rosenberg
  • Stefan Bruce Ruffini
  • Arastwo Sanati
  • Kevin Michael Sanford
  • Nazmus Saquib
  • Bradley Adam Schaeffer
  • Alyssa Marie Seidel
  • Abifoluwa M Shitta-Bey
  • Charles LeRoy Shorter, Jr
  • Ian Jaryd Silverman
  • Jordan Lee Silverman
  • Ravindra Singh
  • Preety Sinha
  • Ruta Kalvaitis Skucas
  • Martin Konrad Slodzinski
  • Mason David Smith
  • Trepka Solakova
  • David Edward Solano
  • Bolajoko Olufunmilayo Somade
  • Abdullah Soomro
  • Matthew Tyler Speck
  • Bebhinn Margaret Stack
  • Anthony Charles Stalter
  • Daniel Stauffer
  • Nicholas Sunseri
  • Brenna Joanne Taylor
  • James M Taylor
  • Gunnar Nicholas Terjesen
  • Christy Quoc Thai
  • Mason Andrew Thibault
  • Christine Elizabeth Tizzano
  • Varney Narong Vale
  • Brian P Van Parys
  • Alexander Vangelis Vavouyios
  • Terry Tremain Wallace
  • Sean Thomas Whalen
  • John Edward Witt
  • Brian Carl Wright
  • Alesia Maria Wubben
  • Kyle Francis Young
  • Mary-Victoria Louise Zachman
  • Yi Zhou
  • John Ryan Zinski
  • Andrew Rene Zodda


  • Edgar Valenzuela


  •  John Ian Duncan


  • Laura Gomez Cadena
  • Alexander Charles Hagans


  • Furquan Ahmad Khan


  • Jingmei Wei


  • Greggory Alexander Cerino
  • Gabrielle Cordula Leudeu Hapi
  • Lawrence Saunders III


  • Haider Abbas
  • Kyounghwa Bai
  • Ronin Surrinder Bhasin
  • Xiaojing Liu
  • Veronica Perez
  • Gad Touchan
  • Dilene Poornima Upendra


  • Anja Martinovic
  • Farheen Nabi
  • Ziyong Wang
  • Heng Zhuang


  • Ola Al-Sheyab
  • Ama Awura Antwi Adjei
  • Raquel Betesh
  • Hector Rene Chica
  • Ali Dawood
  • Laura Dowd
  • Bukola Afolashade Fajana
  • Brittany Regina Farmer
  • Nahi Toufic Ghandour
  • Hanna Guevara
  • Amir Jamal Hamad
  • Nikolas Phillip Jarrett
  • Jennifer Alison Kenney
  • Rachel Kim
  • Rud-Mitchell Leveille
  • Yumeng Li
  • Xinying Lin
  • Neha Joseph Mattapallil
  • Ahmed Metwally
  • Bob Ndubuisi Okoroajuzie II
  • Dan Peng
  • Wenlong Qiang
  • Daniil Shvedok
  • Yuxiao Wang
  • Qian Yang
  • Chen Zhang
  • John Matthew Zimmerman, Jr


  • Mohammad Adeel Abbas
  • Patrick Steven Anske
  • Aseem Baji
  • Camilla Fiore Bendetti
  • Jordan Winston Burrows
  • Devin Hamill Callanan
  • Scott Michael Carpenter
  • Emily Theresa Cassidy
  • Yizhe Chen
  • Samantha Chu
  • Yu Chen Chen
  • Kevin Michael Clark
  • Diya Datta
  • Aditya Madhav Deshpande
  • Apurva Prakash Dixit
  • Haojie Fan
  • Jason Clark Fowler
  • Garrett Fred Gage
  • Joseph Borovicka Gerig
  • Daryl Lauren Goettsche
  • Colin Michael Grant
  • Chad Scot Greber
  • Andre Ramon Griggs, Jr
  • Pengju Guo
  • Shanshan Hu
  • Jiaqi Huang
  • Gregory Anthony James, Jr
  • Jahi Dijuan Jones
  • Beiwei Kang
  • Bokyeung Kim
  • Brian Allen Leatherman
  • Richard Del Leister
  • Rongzhen Theresa Li
  • Junrong Liu
  • Gloria Majchrzak
  • Madelyn Blair Matlock
  • Akshata Kishore Moharir
  • Syeda Khadija Nasir
  • Carlewis Ngechop Azombo
  • Ana Maria Olmedo
  • Archit Prem
  • Harsh Pundir
  • Han Qiao
  • Kevin Patrick Ryan
  • Aayush Shah
  • Haoyang Song
  • Jingxian Tang
  • Yutong Tang
  • Stevan Sunny Thomas
  • Michael Steven Wadleigh
  • Daniel Philip Waldman
  • Zitao Wang
  • Ryan Whipple
  • Mimi Xu
  • Zheng Xu
  • Jinru Yang
  • Chuchu Zhang
  • Wuruiqi Zhang
  • Yu Zhang
  • Zhouqian Zhong
  • Shihui Zou


  • Kiante Jaynise Bennett
  • Hope Autumn Lewandoski
  • Ndeye Aissatou Ndior
  • Lawtez Stephon Rogers


  • Yahui Chang
  • Jazmin Marie Conner
  • Yuan Ding
  • Coralie Anne Jean-Philippe
  • Chaeeun Lim
  • Qiuping Lin
  • Yudong Lu
  • Isioma Debora Ochia
  • Shantanu Rajesh Patil
  • Callie St. Claire Phillips
  • Navina Kaur Sethi
  • Jin Sun
  • Kaylee Mei Yin Towey
  • Jiangkun Xiong
  • Zhuxuan Xu
  • Huile Zhou


  • Selin Anitsal
  • Akanksha Bapna
  • Yi-Hsuan Chen
  • Hanxiang Cui
  • Xiaohang Fang
  • Pradeep Govindaraj
  • Wenbo Han
  • Maria Javiera Iglesias Larrain
  • Yiran Jiang
  • Jose Jimenez Vivaldi
  • Caroline MacKenzie Keller
  • Jiacheng Liu
  • Yuchen Liu
  • Elana Gabrielle Marmorstein
  • Lauren Anne Naclerio
  • Jia Ni
  • Adedamola Olawoye
  • Brady Harrison Osterman
  • Adam Seth Robinson
  • Shuman Shen
  • Lakshmi Shyamakrishnan
  • Isabel M Trillizio
  • Li-Chih Wang
  • Hao Wu


  • Yaser Alamri
  • Nephi Edward Bradley
  • Ziyun Chen
  • Wenzhen Guo
  • Jin He
  • Tzu-Cheng Huang
  • Ngoneh Abdul Jallow
  • Minghao Jiao
  • Wenjun Jin
  • Kenneth Wayne Jones
  • Ryan James Judge
  • Beverly Wanjiru Kariuki
  • Zhuo Liu
  • Shijun Lyu
  • Shabnam Omidvarinia
  • Alyssa Marie Poarch
  • Beth Ellen Rendely
  • Yu Tang
  • Abinaya Thyagarajan
  • Joseph Thomas Vellanikaren
  • Siqin Xie
  • Zhenghua Yang
  • Chenyan Yuan
  • Xiwen Zhang
  • Yiyang Zhang
  • Yuanruo Zhang
  • Siyu Zheng
  • Pengyu Zhu

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The main campus commencement ceremony is on Friday, May 20, 2022, from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

The Smith Business School commencement ceremony is on Wednesday, May 18, 2022.
The graduate ceremony is from 4 to 5:30 p.m. and the undergraduate ceremony is from 7 to 9 p.m.

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