We seek partners who value the Smith School’s mission of creating knowledge and promoting an inclusive learning environment that fosters intellectual discovery and equips current and future leaders to assess complex problems and deliver innovative solutions.

Application for sponsorship in the Smith Analytics Consortium is open to all sectors of business, government, and non-profit organizations with a passion for cultivating and advancing the analytics field.

Sponsorship Benefits

Becoming a sponsor gives your organization numerous key benefits:

  • Increased public exposure from student endorsement and branding through designated Smith Analytics Consortium events, materials, and social media.
  • Engagement in an analytics case study or demonstration on campus and/or on-site at your organization with our students.
  • Development of an experiential project where scoping matches your organization's interests.
  • Increased connection with other top Smith Centers and Initiatives.
  • Facilitate in-class activities and student capstone projects involving analytics when matches are identified.
  • Carve your talent pipeline with personalized Smith student access.
  • Form partnerships with Smith’s world-class faculty.
  • Charitable equity by contributing to the Smith student community.

Sponsorship Rates

To learn more about the Smith Analytics Consortium and discuss how the Consortium will be valuable to your organization, please email us at sac@umd.edu to get started.

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