An Annual Highlight: Celebrating Diwali

my takeout Diwali lunch

I recently had the opportunity to attend a virtual Lunch and Learn event about the major Indian holiday, Diwali. Last year, the on-campus Diwali celebration was one of the highlights of the academic year, so I was very excited to participate in more festivities this semester. Event attendees were given gift cards that they could use at a nearby Indian restaurant of their choice, so we could all share a virtual Diwali meal. Personally, I went with an order of butter chicken, samosas and the mango/yogurt drink, lassi (it was delicious). 

The event contained an overview of information about the holiday, followed by attendees sharing their favorite Diwali memories. Here are some of the Diwali facts I learned:

  •        Diwali is known as the “festival of lights” and this year will be celebrated on November 14th.
  •        In the Hindu tradition, it is a celebration of Lord Krishna Killing a demon, symbolizing good triumphing over evil.
  •        In addition to being celebrated by Hindus, Diwali is also celebrated by other cultures and faiths in India such as Sikhs and Jains
  •        Common ways to celebrate include buying new clothes, sending gifts, eating food and bursting fire crackers.

Happy Diwali, everyone!

–By Braden Walden. Walden is a current MBA Candidate set to graduate in 2021. Originally from Chicago, he has lived in New York, Seoul, Washington D.C., and Baltimore. Following graduation, Walden is set to start a new career at Navy Federal Credit Union.

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