Working with Web Updates

Working with Web Updates

Explore these pages to learn about our website’s capabilities, training opportunities, ADA resources and responsibilities, and how to work with us.

Our Process

Working with the Office of Marketing Communication’s web team to get your web pages updated is as simple as sending us an email at When you submit a web update request, please follow these guidelines to help us process your request faster:

  • Include the URL of the webpage you would like us to update if it is not a new page
  • Submit your request as a plain text email or Word Document
    • Avoid using any type of formatting (all uppercase, color, underline, etc.) as we will follow the website styles to maintain consistency
  • Send images as attachments in the email or send us a link to a Google Drive folder containing the images
    • Send images as high-res as possible so that we can resize, crop, and optimize the images for the website

If we have any questions regarding your web update request, we will reach out to you for clarification.

What Websites We Can Update

We are able to assist in updating the following websites:

  • Maryland Smith Website (
  • Intranet (

Website Styles

Content Styles

Wondering what we can do on our web pages? View the list of different ways we can display content on our web pages.

View Our Content Styles

What colors make up the Maryland Smith brand? Along with the university colors we also added our own mix to the bunch.

View Our Color Palette
Text Styles

What does our type treatment look like? View examples of headings, text, links and how we structure it all.

View Our Text Styles
Editorial Guide

Unsure about our writing guidelines? We have prepared a reference list of common AP style practices for your convenience. 

View Our Editorial Guide

Editor Resources

Training Opportunities

Interested in becoming a website editor? View our selection of training videos and learn about the process to becoming a website editor. 

View Our Training Opportunities


If you have any questions regarding our style guide or website accessibility, contact the digital team at

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