The Issue Companies Have With Moving Up

New research shows service providers at the lower end of the value chain mostly find that their efforts to move up yield limited success.

What Online Retailers Get From Recommendation Lists

New research shows with online shopping, retailers’ use of recommendation systems increases their overall sales and consumer click-throughs and conversion rates. The effect is greatest for mobile shoppers.

Reversing the Groupon Effect

New research points to when Groupon deals don't signal weakness and when they benefit businesses. in business strategy.

Supply Chains Don’t Like Mondays Either

That return-to-work dread that puts people in bad moods – and has been documented to drag down productivity and impact financial markets – also wreaks havoc on the efficiency of moving goods from one place to another on Mondays.

Neutralizing Speedy New Entry Threats

Incumbent IT firms could respond with higher investment in research and development, but most don’t.

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