How Uncertain Times Can Impact Your Brand Choices

In times of uncertainty – which, with COVID-19, we’re all familiar with these days – consumers often buck the brand choices they’d normally make and gravitate toward the opposite, finds new research.

The Other Side of Mobile App Adoption

New research shows higher app adoption among hotel chains could be linked to lower spending among lower level loyalty customers, who are more likely to use apps to get the best deals.

Standing Out On Streaming’s Crowded Stage

How many streaming entertainment options are too many? A new study examines what industry leaders must do to hold the spotlight.

Good, Better and Best Design for Branded Mobile Apps

Companies win when you put their branded mobile apps on your smartphone. But if the goal is to maximize firm value, new research suggests good, better and best ways to approach design.

Why Freebies Sometimes Backfire

Consumers love getting something for nothing. The marketing strategy works great to grow revenue when done right but sometimes backfires.

A Smarter Way to Advertise Online

A new algorithm adds transparency to the process, while helping campaign managers optimize results.

The Perks of Being a Hotel Goer

When it comes to booking a hotel, where to stay can be influenced by more than price. Two Smith School professors examine which hotel amenities are most likely to keep guest coming back.

When Finding the Right Words Pays Off

The Smith School's Michael Trusov, associate professor of marketing, proposes a two-part approach to help advertisers gauge how well their paid search ads are performing.

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