How to Handle Worker Concern About Layoffs

It’s been yet another week of mass layoffs. Tech is still leading the charge with LinkedIn, Intel and Novavax firing hundreds of people. Twenty-five percent of the staff at Paramount Global, which includes Showtime and MTV Entertainment Studios, are being let go. We will reportedly continue to see layoffs as an uncertain economic outlook continues.

The Simple Act That Can Make You a Better Leader at Work and Happier at Home

Being a leader is about more than a title; it’s a mindset. And it fluctuates – people may feel more “leader-like” on some days than others. Feeling capable and confident can make leaders more successful for their organizations, so helping them feel the part every day is critical.

What “The Mole” and Your Job Have in Common

Netflix rebooted “The Mole'' this year and HuffPost, in How To Beat Someone Who's Undermining You At Work, According To Science And 'The Mole', asked the mole from the show, and workplace paranoia experts how to tell if a co-worker is trying to sabotage you.

Creativity Plays a Role in Reducing Rudeness on the Job

Rudeness on the job is the worst. We now use the phrase “hostile work environment” to describe deliberate discourteousness or impoliteness that negatively affects an employee’s ability to do their job. Experiencing this at work has driven many workers to become part of the Great Resignation.

What Happens When You Feel Important at Work – and Then You Don’t.

Even the most powerful manager sometimes cleans up dishes in the breakroom, and even the least powerful employees in organizations sometimes get to make important decisions. These examples indicate that power is a dynamic state – we often feel both powerful and powerless at work on any given day. New research from Maryland Smith’s Trevor Foulk suggests that this fluctuating sense of power can have surprising effects on our well-being.

Eight Professors Earn Krowe, Legg Mason, Smith Honors

Eight faculty members earned Maryland Smith teaching honors last week, as part of an annual tradition at the business school. Tunay Tunca, chair of Maryland Smith's Teaching Excellence Committee, announced the faculty teaching awards during a virtual spring faculty and staff assembly. Tunca is the Dean's Professor of Management Science and Operations Management at the Robert H. Smith School of Business at University of Maryland. Special Recognition: Tricia Homer

Are Your Co-Workers Out To Get You Because You’re Paranoid?

A lot of people feel paranoid at work, especially those without power. And organizations should take note because that paranoia can turn into aggressive behaviors, finds new research.

When Rudeness Becomes A Matter of Life or Death

New research shows how rudeness can become deadly, interfering with doctors' decision-making and lead to misdiagnoses.

With Great Power Comes Great Job Demands, Stress

New research finds that having power at work is a double-edged sword: it makes your job more demanding, which has both good implications and bad implications, simultaneously.

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