Rethinking Exclusivity In Luxury Markets

As luxury labels become more accessible, high-end brands must figure out how to maintain exclusivity to avoid losing legacy consumers.

De Beers Looking To Alter Diamond Industry – Again

De Beers once swore it would never debase itself by selling stones that had been grown in a lab. Well, that was then.

Dolce & Gabbana's China Problem

Dolce & Gabbana is reeling from a self-inflicted scandal and it seems unlikely to go away anytime soon, says Maryland Smith's Yajin Wang.

Another Reason To Avoid Knockoffs

Luxury brands use legal threats, guilt campaigns to deter people from buying knockoffs. New research reveals a better tactic.

Can Michael Kors Keep Versace Fans Happy?

Buyers of luxury fashion can be passionate about the brands they shell out for. But can they be loyal when the brand becomes so popular that it loses its exclusivity?

Beware of the Pull of Prada

Research from Smith School professor Yajin Wang shows that luxury consumption triggers antisocial behavior, but only if the luxury product is perceived as rare and exclusive and is used in front of other people.

Why Fashion Week Still Matters

In an era of social media, where the internet brings far-flung places closer and makes location an almost secondary consideration, there is a week when being in the right place – New York City – still matters. It's Fashion Week."It is precisely because of social media that Fashion Week has become so enduring," says the Smith School's Yajin Wang.

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