Climate Change Scenarios and Risk Management

How can institutions prepare meaningful climate change scenarios for decision making and risk management?

How Corporate Taxes Benefit the Greater Good

New research shows how to best design corporate taxes and subsidies to spur companies to innovate in ways to have the greatest social impact.

How Climate Disasters Impact Investment Decisions

Living through a climate-related disaster can be a harrowing experience for anyone. For professional money managers, it can even impact their investment decisions.

Taking Another Look At A Way to Evaluate Mutual Funds

New research refutes a critique of a way to evaluate mutual fund performance.

How to Pick the Best Mutual Funds

New research from Maryland Smith pioneers a way to sift through the thousands of active mutual funds to winnow them down to a set of the best ones to invest in.

How Money Market Funds React to Crisis

How do U.S. money market funds respond to a crisis? New research explores what happened during the European debt crisis that spiraled when Greece required a bailout.

A U.S. Economy Under Biden

How will a Joe Biden presidency affect the American economy, and what will it mean for the U.S. role in global economies, including China’s?

The CFPB's Missed Opportunity

Professor of the Practice Clifford Rossi describes, in a HousingWire op-ed, why the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau needs to rethink its definition of a qualified mortgage loan to be better aligned with industry underwriting.

The Models Are Out of Whack

Mortgage risk models are based on historical information and not equipped for today’s COVID-affected environment, meaning “a balance of art and science” is needed to manage these models.

Mortgage Rates Are Low. Why Isn’t Everyone Refinancing?

With mortgage rates so low, you might think that everyone would be looking to refinance. Why aren't they?

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