Fearless Idea 14: Reduce the Cost of Debt

SMITH BRAIN TRUST — Public companies — owned by shareholders with stock — have the advantage of being able to easily tap into financial markets when they need money, either by selling more equity as stock or often by issuing portions of their debt as bonds. Private companies — owned by the company’s founders, a management group or private investors such as a private equity group — can also sell off their debt as public bonds.

New Faculty Hires for 2011-2012

The Smith School is happy to welcome the following new professors to the school: Accounting & Information Assurance Hanna Lee Derek Johnson Decisions, Operations & Information Technologies Tunay Tunca Inbal Yahav Ilya O. Ryzhov Pamela Armstrong Ilchul Yoon Rui Zhao

Do Lenders Care When Your Auditor Gets Sued?

Financial auditors risk being sued for substandard performance. Their clients also face exposure, but differently, new Maryland Smith research shows.

Understanding the Risks of Privatization

While private company ownership comes with benefits, new research from the Smith School reveals it may not be for the risk-averse.

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