Good move? Budweiser is now ‘America’

SMITH BRAIN TRUST — Social media is buzzing about Budweiser. Just in time for the Summer Olympics and Trump v.

The 'Echoverse': A New Way to Think About Brand-Consumer Interactions

SMITH BRAIN TRUST — Most studies of the interactions between companies and consumers look at one piece of the puzzle: Advertising or social media or news coverage or "consumer sentiment" as measured in surveys. An ambitious new study from the Robert H.

Using Big Data to Match Students and Colleges

SMITH BRAIN TRUST — It's college decision time for many high school seniors. But the process that students and their families use to choose where they'll enroll is far from optimal.

In Terror Case, Apple and FBI Square Off on Privacy Issues

SMITH BRAIN TRUST — In the most inflammatory chapter yet in the war between the government and tech companies over encryption, a federal magistrate judge has ordered Apple to create software that would help the government defeat the security mechanisms on an iPhone 5c owned by Syed Rizwan Farook, who with his wife killed 14 people in San Bernardino, in December.

Marketing Lessons from the Late Van Munching Jr.

SMITH BRAIN TRUST — Though it was Leo Van Munching Sr. who introduced Heineken to the United States, it was his son who brought the company’s marketing strategy into the modern age. “While his father felt that Heineken was a serious brand for serious beer drinkers, Van Munching Jr.

Encryption Battle Pits Apple and Google Against the FBI

SMITH BRAIN TRUST — After the terrorist attacks in Paris, the Obama administration pressed major tech companies for

The Science of Retweets

SMITH BRAIN TRUST -- What's the best time to tweet, to ensure maximum audience engagement? Researchers at the Robert H.

Craft Beer Community Conflicted by Macro-Brewer Power Plays

SMITH BRAIN TRUST -- As craft beer booms, Anheuser Bush InBev appears to be defending and expanding its market stake. The world’s biggest brewer wants to buy its biggest competitor, SABMiller, and subsequently claim about 57 percent of global industry profits.

Experts at UMD Work to Harness Big Data for Your Health

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is working to harness fast-accumulating personal health data from the likes of Twitter, Facebook and wearable devices. But more than 90 percent of analysts’ efforts to capitalize on that data falls below the targeted efficiency level for the FDA’s Office of Surveillance and Biometrics in its Center for Device and Radiological Health, said Isaac Chang, who directs post-market surveillance for that office. “We have observations of signals and patterns,” he said. “But they’re one-off maps.”

UMD-FDA Workshop on Mobile Health and Social Media Analytics for Product Safety

UMD Smith Researchers to Join Experts to Address Harnessing mHealth, Social Media Data for Medical-Product Safety The Food and Drug Administration is looking to get, and stay, on the same page with producers and users of medical wearables. The FDA mission to regulate medical devices to protect consumers is challenged by the mobile health field continuously innovating new products.  

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