Innovating and Collaborating Globally at Maryland Smith

Students returned to in-person classrooms this fall, but one Maryland Smith class broke the boundaries of geography by collaborating (virtually) with students from Elisava University School, the Design and Engineering College of Universitat de Vic, Spain.

Why Empathy is a Back-to-the-Office Cure

While there is no single playbook for successfully bringing employees back to the office after pandemic restrictions have waned, Maryland Smith’s J. Gerald Suarez says there’s a crucial element that leaders can use to ease the transition: empathy. One of the toughest things that anyone can do, Suarez says, is starting something new or stopping something old.

Medical Experts Represent Maryland Smith Among Poets & Quants’ Best and Brightest EMBAs for 2020

Kimberly Lumpkins and Patricia Turner, representing the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business, are featured among the world’s “Best and Brightest Executive MBA Graduates” in the class of 2020, by Poets & Quants, the digital news outlet dedicated to global coverage of business education.

Maryland Smith’s Merrill Presidential Scholar Honorees

Students Reflect on Mentors Suarez, Kudisch and Bailey. And Vice Versa Three pairs of Maryland Smith students-faculty mentors were recognized in a recent event honoring this year’s graduating class of University of Maryland Philip Merrill Presidential Scholars. The program further cited a K-12 teacher-mentor of each scholar:

Students Use the Environment As Their Classroom in Spain

This past winter-term, 20 students at the University of Maryland had the opportunity to learn about design and innovation in the Spanish context. While in Spain, students had a full itinerary of company visits, workshops and cultural activities. In Barcelona, they visited the iconic La Sagrada Familia, took a guided tour of the gothic quarter, and even had the opportunity to meet with local business students. In the capital city of Madrid, students took time to reflect in Retiro Park and enjoyed traditional Spanish tapas.

The Hidden Costs of Not Taking Vacations

SMITH BRAIN TRUST – Americans are known to be good at many things. Vacationing isn't one of them. Year after year, workplace surveys reveal that millions of American workers failed to take their allotted vacation days. And increasingly, the overriding reason is fear.

'Golden Era' for Women Entrepreneurs

SMITH BRAIN TRUST — The global proportion of women among the planet's billionaires is still shy of 3 percent. That's a slim minority, but the proportion has tripled in the past decade. And as Forbes recently documented, 56 of these women are self-made billionaires — an increase from 42 in 2016.

Vive la France: The Case for Ignoring After-Work Emails

SMITH BRAIN TRUST — If you reflexively check your work email before you’re even out of bed in the morning, and just before you close your eyes to sleep, and at nonstop intervals in between, this story is for you.

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