Featured Researchers

Michael Ball, Orkand Corporation Professor of Management Science, holds a joint appointment within the Institute for Systems Research (ISR) at the A. James Clark School of Engineering and received his PhD from Cornell University.

Faculty Awards and Honors

A paper by Sandor Boyson, research professor and co-director of the Supply Chain Management Center, titled “Unified Communications: Leading Advances in Global Decision Making & Economic Development,” was published in the World Economic Forum’s 2008 Global Information Technology report.

Leadership Development from Research to Practice

The Smith School’s Center for Human Capital, Innovation and Technology (HCIT) explores issues at the intersection of these three key management resources and leverages this knowledge to help organizations develop their leaders to their fullest potential.

Revenue management with minimal demand information

Research by Itir Karaesmen and Michael Ball

The mysteries of mimicry

Research by Rosellina Ferraro

Managing employee silence

Research by Subrahmaniam Tangirala

Research@Smith: Fall 2008

Managing Employee Silence Research by Subra Tangirala The Mysteries of Mimicry Research by Rosellina Ferraro Revenue Management with Minimal Demand Information Research by Itir Karaesmen and Michael Ball Human Capital, Innovation and Technology Center Faculty Awards and Honors Featured Researchers Stock Options and CEO Earnings Manipulation

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