The MBA degree does make a difference

Research by Mark Wellman

Small investors make the wrong bets

Research by Soeren Hvidkjaer

How to Sell Products on the Web

Research by Wendy Moe



New Book Offers Insights for Business School LeadersChapter by Smith School Dean Howard Frank

Featured Researchers

Faculty Awards and Honor

Michael Ball, Orkand Professor of Management Science, has been elected vice president of the INFORMS Transportation Science and Logistics Society.

Moving health care into the information age

Technology has already transformed the way you do business. Now it may change the way you manage your health. Imagine a day when all of your medical history is digitized, available to you at a moment’s notice from your laptop or cell phone. You could track your own blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol—a great motivator to stick to your diet and exercise plan.

Limits of Investor behavior

Research by Mark Loewenstein and Gregory Willard

How corporate messages influence the product portfolio

Research by Gabriel Biehal

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