Maryland Smith’s Anil Gupta, Haiyan Wang Named Again to Thinkers50 List

Noted again as “global strategists, experts on entrepreneurship and the transformational rise of emerging markets, foremost China and India,” Maryland Smith’s Anil K. Gupta and Haiyan Wang, MBA ’95, were recently named in the 2021 Thinkers50 global ranking of management thinkers.

Maryland Smith’s Anil Gupta, Haiyan Wang Move up in Thinkers50 List

Noted as “global strategists, experts on entrepreneurship and the transformational rise of emerging markets, foremost China and India,” Maryland Smith’s Anil K. Gupta and Haiyan Wang (MBA '95) are No.

Four Success-or-Fail Factors for Retailers in China

SMITH BRAIN TRUST -- Some foreign retailers in China are stumbling. Others are thriving. Count Home Depot and Best Buy among recent failures.

How India Can Match China and Why it Matters

SMITH BRAIN TRUST -- If India models China, it can similarly affect the global economy. India aims to increase its manufacturing contribution to its GDP from 17 percent to 25 percent within the next decade. The initiative, dubbed “Make India,” is the “only way India can create highly productive jobs for the 10 million-plus youngsters who join the country's labor force each year and the much larger number of farmers who need to move from working the soil to working on the factory floor,” says Anil K.

The Silk Road Rediscovered

China’s fastest-growing luxury auto seller is not from Europe, Japan or the United States. The honor goes to Tata Motors from India. Meanwhile, Shanghai Electric earns its largest revenue outside China from India. Anil K. Gupta, the Michael Dingman Chair in Global Strategy and Entrepreneurship, shows how Indian and Chinese companies are winning in each other’s markets in his new book, “The Silk Road Rediscovered.” “They are whetting their appetite for further global expansion, ensuring that they will have two of the world’s four largest economies by 2025,” Gupta says.

Professor Anil Gupta’s New Book Helps Business Leaders Get China and India Right

Many global companies have entered China and India, but only a few have gotten it right. Frequently they miss growth opportunities while focusing on offshoring and cost reduction. They tap the wealthy urban market but don’t know how to profit from the masses in second and third tier cities. And few have a clear plan for addressing competition from players from within China and India such as Lenovo, Chery Automobile, Haier, Infosys and Tata.

Wall Street Journal Features Insight from Smiths Anil Gupta on China and India

The Smith School's Anil Gupta, Ralph J. Tyser Professor of Global Strategy and Entrepreneurship, is featured prominently in a multichannel media report on how firms can develop successful business strategies for China and India. A full-page newspaper article, coauthored by Gupta and Smith School MBA alumnus Haiyan Wang, was published April 28 in the Wall Street Journal as part of its Business Insight report, which also includes video and audio interviews as well as an online discussion.

How Top Management Thinkers Are Aiding in COVID-19 Response

Those who say the coronavirus pandemic is ushering in an end to the century-long era of globalization are “utterly wrong,” says Maryland Smith’s Anil K. Gupta.

Gupta’s Video Diary from Davos

This week, the eyes of the world are on the tiny Alpine town of Davos, Switzerland, where government and industry leaders, including the Smith School's Anil K. Gupta, are converged for the World Economic Forum's annual gathering.

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