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A Journey, Begun in Africa, But Never Along a Single Path

Lemma Senbet, Professor

Lemma Senbet’s finance career was launched by a queue. He was waiting to register at Addis Ababa University with hopes of getting into the engineering school. But then he noticed another line, an even longer one, forming.

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For Kimbrough, Stories Are Told in Ledgers

Michael Kimbrough, Associate Professor

For Michael Kimbrough, accounting isn’t just about balance sheets. It’s about telling a company’s story.

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Kressler: A Career Path Begun in Verse

David Kressler, Senior Lecturer

What does poetry have to do with business? That’s what the finance team asked when David Kressler, fresh out of graduate school with a doctorate in English lit and poetry, showed up to the finance committee meeting of the executive board on his first day on the job at Ford Motor Co.

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Rossi: Building a Legacy in Risk

Clifford Rossi, Professor of the Practice

For someone who teaches about taking risks and managing risk, Clifford Rossi, PhD, considers his own career fairly risk-averse.

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Alumni Profile

Different Markets Mean Different Planning

Julia Barge, BS in Supply Chain Management 2012

At Hilti actively seeking out opportunities to leverage different cultures and geographies is an important part of being inclusive in the workplace, according to Julia Barge an undergrad alum of Smith.

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Adaptability at the World's Most Penetrated Brand

Michael Marcus, BS in Marketing 2011

Global mindset is a point of view that embraces diversity. For associate Brand Manager, Michael Marcus a global mindset can be defined using three different viewpoints: business, operations, and people.

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'Edu-preneur' Sparks Innovation at Smith

Oliver Schlake, Professor, Management

Oliver Schlake has been teaching innovation since age 17, when he was tapped by his local community college in Germany to create a computer science program from scratch.

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The Youngest Kid on Wall Street

David Kass, Professor, Finance

Finance professor David Kass first looked at the New York Times’ business section at age 12. Like many boys, he was mostly interested in the sports articles.

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A Case for Liberal Arts in the MBA

Shreevardhan Lele, Professor, Statistics

In classes taught by Shreevardhan Lele at the University of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business, lines blur between business strategy and philosophical dilemmas, and that’s the way his students prefer it.

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Alumni Profile

Partners Thrive 7,000 Miles Apart

S. Alemayehu & F. Biratu, Part-Time MBA ’12 & ’13

Seble Alemayehu, PTMBA ’12, and Felekech “Fei” Biratu, PTMBA ’13, started as high school friends. After a similar journey through life, a move around the globe and MBA degrees from the University of Maryland’s Robert H.

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