Supply Chain & Operations Club

Our mission to prepare students for their careers in, or exposure to, Supply Chain and Operations by providing them with experiences to foster professional growth. Our club is focused on the intersection of supply chain and operations with corporate and business strategy to highlight the importance operations plays behind the scenes.

We seek to develop wider and deeper networks with Professionals in the DMV area, leverage internal relationships within the Smith Community, seek to understand industry trends and dynamics, and encourage self-driven improvement through Certification study groups and case competitions.

Board Members

Oluwafemi Elias


Meet Femi Elias, a project manager with over 14 years experience in transformative digital product innovation and strategic planning. She is pursuing an MBA in technology management. Femi sees technology as a powerful tool for transforming industries and is passionate about helping businesses create customer-centric initiatives that drive profitability and market leadership.

As the President of the Maryland Consulting Club, Femi is dedicated to fostering a collaborative environment that encourages learning, innovation, diverse perspectives, and impactful solutions.

Her journey towards purpose and progress has inspired her to launch a social enterprise that addresses poverty and promotes economic empowerment in underprivileged communities.

Fun Fact

I turn ordinary spaces into breathtaking and imaginative creations. To me, every space is a work of art!

Christine Bangura

Vice President of Finance

Christine Bangura is a first-generation African American who is a native of the Northern Virginia. Christine holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from the Pennsylvania State University. Motivated to possess a firm comprehension in business principles, sharpen her problem-solving skills, and develop leadership abilities, Christine is currently pursuing her MBA in the University of Maryland at the Robert H. Smith School of business. Her goal is to one day to become a successful professional making strategic decisions and driving innovation in the business world.

In the 2023-2024 academic year, Christine will be serving as the VP of Diversity, Inclusion & Communication. As VP, her aim is to create an environment that values and respects individuals from all backgrounds, promote inclusive initiatives and foster understanding through positive relationships within organizations.

Fun Fact

I love reading books and visiting the book store. Whenever I am opportune you find me at Barnes and Noble getting lost in a story.

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