Latin MBA Association

Our mission is to represent Latinx MBA students and share our culture and heritage with the rest of our cohort to promote the importance of diversity and inclusion in society.

Our vision is to be a platform of people that help the entire Smith community reach goals. We are beyond our association. We celebrate diversity and practice inclusion, being a club that welcome people from different communities to learn, enjoy and grow.

Our objectives are: spread our cultural heritage with the Smith MBA community, design and implement events that add value to our careers in terms of network and preparation to the professional life post-MBA and reinforce the community beyond classrooms by implementing affinity events.

Board Members

Tommy Hwang


Tommy brings a wealth of experience in the healthcare sector to his MBA studies. He has worked in healthcare consulting and healthcare technology companies, where he gained expertise in a variety of areas, including business development and strategic planning. Tommy is now focused on gaining industry experience in biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies and is interested in the areas of drug discovery and development, as well as commercialization.

Fun Fact

I was named after Tommie Frazier, a college football legend.

Haoran "Jason" Li

Vice President of Finance

"Haoran came from China and has been exploring US since 2011. He embraces diversity, enjoys diversity and fights for diversity. As the Vice President of Student Affairs, his primary goal is to foster an inclusive community within the Smith MBA program, upholding the cherished motto of “Once a Terp, Always a Terp.""

Prior to joining Maryland Smith, he earned his degree in Electrical Engineering from Drexel University, and worked for an infrastructure consulting firm railroad division. Haoran firmly holds the belief that strategy serves as the single most crucial element for a corporation, shaping its direction, decision-making processes, and overall success by providing a framework for navigating complexities, seizing opportunities, and achieving long-term growth and sustainability."

Fun Fact

I have lived in 11 different places during my 12-year stay in the US.

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