Finance & Venture Capital Club

The Smith MBA Finance and Venture Capital Association works to prepare students for opportunities in finance-related careers and enhance students' knowledge and understanding of the field. FVC helps students achieve their career goals through mock interviews, resume reviews, job finding strategy sessions, and seminars on careers in finance. The association also contributes through panel discussions that explore a variety of finance-related topics, sponsoring talks by leading professionals in the finance field, and arranging networking events.

Board Members

Michael Wilgus


Michael is pursing his MBA at the University of Maryland to facilitate a career in investment banking. Prieviously he worked at an event-driven hedge fund in New York, and worked as a CPA for an investment management company. He spent his summer in Charlotte, NC, and is now serving as the President of the Finance and Venture Capital club as well as a graduate assistant for Corporate Finance

Fun Fact

Nuvole 22 is Charlotte's tallest rooftop lounge

Qusay Razzaq

Vice President of Finance

Qusay is pursing his MBA at UMD with a finance focus. Prior to his MBA, he worked as an analyst for a forntier market private equity fund in Baghdad, New York and Washington DC. Qusay hopes to build a career in banking and corporate finance. As Vice President of Smith's Finance and Venture Captial Club, he is looking forward to guide and assist all his collueges who are pursing a career in finance.

Fun Fact

I had a good memory as a child so I memorized 100s of old Arabic poems. I, sadly, have not retained most.

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