Step-by-Step Customer Analytics for Your Business

Selecting essential metrics for your customer journey analysis

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WHY this workshop?

This workshop on customer analytics explains how to interpret and connect metrics to the company's performance via data storytelling. Learn a rigorous process to identify and measure meaningful customer engagement. Find relevant information from throughout the customer journey and map the key points. Discover your company’s true north star metrics without boiling the ocean and getting overwhelmed by the volume of raw customer data.

WHO is this workshop for?

The customer analytics workshop is for any marketplace practitioner, product manager, or data analyst in B2B or B2C settings. Do you have access to customer data? Join us to learn how to add value to your organization using the fundamental knowledge of customer analytics.

WHAT makes this workshop unique?

  • This workshop is for business leaders who seek to add value without getting into heavy mathematics or coding.
  • We use simple tools like Excel and concepts applicable to real-world problems faced by today’s practitioner.
  • Case studies are from well-known companies and startups. Learn their business models and take away valuable lessons that will work in any business setting.

Learning Objectives

The mission of this course is to equip participants to:

  • Identify and develop appropriate metrics and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Measure customer acquisition, retention, and engagement
  • Understand the tools and techniques needed to calculate Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
  • Describe marketing ROI and customer unit economics for different business models

What do learners say about this program?

"I appreciated the ability to understand the insights from the relevant metrics that drive businesses, especially startups."

"The course was well organized and taught a great deal in a short amount of time."

"The course was very well structured, and the content was clear. I had not taken any courses in this field so I really enjoyed learning about the subject."

"The instructor has deep understanding of field and brought in industry insights"

"I got exposure to important concepts in customer analytics such as KPI, A/B Testing, and customer life cycles as well as different business models. I think the knowledge that this course offers will be so helpful not only to prepare me for interviews but also give me a foundation to understand any business and what makes them successful. Also, Ali is inspiring, responsive, and always excited to teach."

Workshop Agenda

Day 1 (Weekend)

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) development involves articulating what an organization is trying to accomplish and then translating them into a set of meaningful metrics which can measure the success of different business units and stakeholders.

  • AARRR Analytical Framework
    • An acronym for five user-behavior metrics that product-led growth businesses should be tracking: acquisition, activation, retention, referral, and revenue.
    • Acquisition – How are people discovering our product or company?
    • Activation – Are these people taking the actions we want them to?
    • Retention – Are our activated users continuing to engage with the product?
    • Referral – Do users like the product enough to tell others about it?
    • Revenue- How much users are willing to pay for this product? Over time.
  • How/what Customer Analytics Metrics are defined and measured for the most popular business model of our time?

Day 2 (Weekend session)

  • CAC Analytical Framework
    • Growth and Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) CAC is the cost a business incurs when acquiring new customers. This value is determined by calculating the total cost of all marketing and sales elements and dividing that by the number of new customers acquired.
  • Customer Retention and LTV
    • Customer retention analysis and Lifetime value (LTV) models are powerful tools to help businesses demonstrate the future value of customers they can generate by attracting the right customer segments from different marketing activities.
  • The importance of Network effects in marketplace businesses
  • Case Studies
    • Storytelling (from customer data to recommendations)
    • Visualization & Dashboards
  • A/B testing analytics and experimentation
  • Closing notes

Meet the Facilitator

Ali Pilehvar

Ali Pilehvar, PhD
Director for Product Analytics

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Ali Pilehvar is a product and web analytics leader with a doctorate in operations management and 10+ years of data analytics experience focusing on building standardized metric stores, executive KPI dashboards, and data products to understand better and optimize customer behavior to solve big marketplace problems.

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