Office of Marketing Communications

Our office serves as the strategic center for all top-level Smith School marketing and communications initiatives. We strive to effectively communicate and enhance our position and brand as a leader in global management education and research. We do this through an integrated marketing, communications and public relations program aligned with the strategic priorities of the Smith School.

Who Do I Contact For... Point of Contact
... help with the website? Amy Taylor, Mo Melano or Anitha Sharma
...a simple website update?
...the plasma screens?
... the video wall? my event? Marketing Request Form
...making a brochure or other promotional material? Marketing Request Form
...Smith Business magazine? Tony Richards or Veronica Robinson
... Smith Brain Trust? Tony Richards or Veronica Robinson
...talking to a reporter? Greg Muraski
... publicizing or promoting my research? Veronica Robinson
... the alumni newsletter? Jessica Wilson
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