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UMD-Smith Experts Give Job Advice for New Grads, Summer Interns

May 09, 2013


COLLEGE PARK, Md. - The National Association of Colleges and Employers projects companies to hire just 2.1 percent more college graduates from the class of 2013 than they hired from the class of 2012.

Meanwhile, class of 2014 undergrads seeking to leverage a summer internship to a full-time position are challenged to set themselves apart and show value to their firm.

Faculty experts in the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business are available to discuss strategies for summer experiences, as well as for mitigating pitfalls while maximizing the search process in this tightened job market for new grads.

The Smith School has an in-house studio for live or taped interviews via fiber-optic line for television or multimedia content.

Interviewing: The Fine Line Between Self-Confidence and Arrogance
Jeff Kudisch, assistant dean of corporate relations and managing director of Smith's Office of Career Services

“Candidates conveying poise and presence have an edge over those boasting about their abilities and being too assertive. Instead of bragging about personal achievements, find ways to spotlight team and colleague triumphs and discuss opposing ideas without sounding judgmental. Listen carefully and avoid interrupting the interviewer. Avoid lingo and use plain, simple language. Be authentic and seek honest, behavioral feedback from learning partners and trusted colleagues.”

Kudisch is expert in leadership, negotiations and human capital management. Contact him at 301-405-9540 or


Matching Employer Needs

Cynthia K. Stevens, associate professor of management and organization

“The key to success lies in matching the targeted employer’s needs – from technical and intangible skills to personality. Managers and recruiters have ideas about the qualities they need in a new hire that may not be clearly articulated in the advertisement or job description. It helps to know and reach out to the company’s employees and clients who can reveal internal pressures and pain points, as well as bright spots and pockets of opportunity.”

Stevens’ research focuses on recruitment and staffing, decision-making, diversity, and how to work with difficult co-workers. Contact her at 301-405-2233 or


The Soft Skills Factor

Ken White, associate dean of MBA and MS Programs

“Employers increasingly prioritize a candidate’s ability to incisively communicate knowledge and qualifications. Moreover, we’re hearing from employers who say ‘we have people who can do it, but can’t explain how to do it.’ Or, ‘they can’t write or give an effective presentation.’ Recent graduates in the job market can set themselves apart from those who are otherwise comparably skilled by honing and displaying strong communication skills.”

In addition to his Smith leadership duties, White teaches communication in the MBA program and to executive clients. Contact him at 301-405-7607 or


Capitalizing on a Summer Internship by Relationship-Building

Joyce E.A. Russell, Vice Dean and Director of the Executive Coaching and Leadership Development Program

“Introduce yourself to everyone and develop a strong relationship with your supervisor through keeping him or her aware of your work and accomplishments. Show you fit into the company culture through your work ethic and attire. Seek feedback every two to three weeks or after each major project from your supervisors and coworkers on how to improve. Build a list of contacts from the firm and seek a mentor who can offer guidance in your career development, and join a professional association to help you meet others working in the field.”

Russell is a licensed industrial and organizational psychologist and has more than 25 years of experience coaching executives and consulting on leadership and career management. Contact her at 301-405-8146 or


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